Manifestation Tip: Pulling Energy to Attract Exactly What I Wanted!

pulling energy

What I am about to tell you is a true story that happened last night. I’m still in complete shock and amazement!

Pulling Energy from the Universe

To give you some context to the story, a psychic in Dubai taught me how to pull energy to attract a man towards me. She instructed me to say a very simple sentence. I could say this whenever I’m out at an event or anywhere in public, like a café or a restaurant. Since a major part of my Bali trip is to search for my soul companion, I’ve been practicing the energy pull technique.
Until last night, nothing really ever happened.
But as many of you know me, I’m a very determined and focused soul so not many things can demotivate or discourage me 🙂 That’s why, when I was out having dinner with a friend at a Canggu beach club last night, I decided to practice this energy pull technique one more time.

Strange Happenings

Both my friend and I are highly intuitive, positive and spiritual types. As we were sharing a big plate of nachos at a comfy lounge right by the beach, we discussed random topics like the Universe and angel numbers. Half-way through our exciting conversation, we see a cluster of shimmering lights fly high up in the sky above our heads! We both have never seen anything like it. My Indonesian friend was in total amazement. We were both gazing in awe at this sight high up in the sky above us.
After a few minutes of looking at this phenomenal sight, I start repeating the words that the psychic instructed me to say whenever I want to pull energy. The sentence goes like this: “I’m looking for a soul companion. Please come and find me.”
I kept repeating the line as I saw the magical light cluster gradually disappear into the starry Canggu sky.

Are you Looking for a Husband?

This is the scary part. I was tweeting what just happened on my phone. Suddenly, I hear someone shout from the pool nearby. The voice said “Are you looking for a husband?” He didn’t say it once or twice. He kept repeating the same line over and over again. Eventually, I  came out from my unconscious state of amazement. I looked at him to reply. I said: “Why do you say that?”
Over the next couple of minutes, I was having a conversation with this older Australian guy. He insisted to come to our table to have a chat with me! He was very specific that he wanted to chat to me and kept asking if I was looking for a husband! I told him that we could talk in a few minutes and later he came over to join us and we had a brief introduction.
Joe from Melbourne was older, married and the relationship was not at its best (his words). He was genuinely interested in me and wanted to see if there was any potential for a relationship. I wasn’t interested, but I had a very polite, civilized conversation for a good ten minutes or so.

Pulling Energy from the Universe

I honestly feel that this whole situation came into manifestation because in those few moments when I was repeatedly pulling energy as I gazed into the starry cluster, I truly believed that it would work, and strangely enough, it did!
I’m now certain that this super cool energy pull technique does work. I honestly can’t wait to try it again the next time I’m out in a public space. Let’s see who I will attract next!
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