Wellness Wednesday: Learn the Key Principles of NLP

I’m experiencing a strong, positive shift and a huge amount of synchronicity these days.

I feel like new doors are opening for me, beautiful opportunities are coming my way. It’s a new beginning.

I’m moving to a new apartment and neighborhood next Tuesday. This adds to this renewed sense of being and aliveness.

The apartment move allows me to release old energy and begin a new chapter of my independent Dubai life.

It’s like shedding old skin and starting with a new and different energy and higher frequency.

My physical reality is ultimately being reflected by this inner shift. More flow and alignment is being manifested.

I want you to experience a similar shift of perspective and reality. So, I’m sharing with you an important NLP concept to follow in your daily life. It’s called:

Perception is Projection 

What does this mean? I’ll explain. Any opinion, thought, act or behavior which you face is just a projection of that person’s inner state of being.

For example, if somebody offends you or say something negative to you, don’t take it personally. Instead, begin to understand that this is only reflecting their own insecurities or lack mindset and world view.

Whatever that person’s opinion was, it doesn’t mean that it’s true. All this means is that they are projecting onto you their personal values, conditioning, unconscious programming – which can be entirely flawed and wrong.

We experience this concept in our lives on a daily basis, as long as we are having interactions with other human beings.

The interesting part about this – and where you can have some control – is that you are constantly attracting situations/individuals that mirror your own feelings about yourself.

When you practice self-love and are confident, you attract kind, caring and positive individuals.

When you feel insecure, unworthy or have negative self-talk, you’ll continue to attract negativity until you do the inner work.

What’s great about NLP

The lovely thing about NLP is that it’s very simple and fast, yet effective!

NLP can greatly help with shifting limiting beliefs and helping you achieve confidence and self-worth.

Within a few sessions, you can begin to attract more positivity and abundance into your life.

Check out how NLP coaching can help you and contact me if you have any questions!


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