Help! If You Don’t Have the Motivation to Start Your Day. Read this Now!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been experiencing weird things lately. Apart from disturbing, vivid dreams, I got hit by a scooter on Tuesday afternoon and got a really bad wound on my left elbow.

I’m not sure if it’s because of the upcoming solar eclipse on the 30th or simply a message from the Universe pushing me to move to another country.

Are you experiencing strange things these days?

I wrote a blog post with my top tips for staying emotionally resilient. You can read it here. In addition to the practical tips in that blog post, I feel called to share more insider suggestions from my personal life.

It’s Normal to Feel Down on Some Days

Since we’re constantly processing and integrating issues from our past, it’s very normal to feel down or confused at times. Apart from sitting with these emotions and not judging yourself for having them, you can also focus on your life goals and where you want to get to next.

Since I lately started accepting myself as an alpha woman, I came to the understanding that not all women are like me.

This means that if you don’t have a very competitive personality, you might not have the level of motivation required to take action and be in a positive mindset.

What helps me in getting ready each morning and facing the day is my alpha woman personality. It’s my desire to achieve my personal goals and be ahead of everyone else.

Let me explain. There are days when I don’t feel like getting dressed in the morning and leaving my place. I find myself wishing that I could stay at home and just get things done from home.

But since I have short-term and long-term goals, the choice of staying at home and not moving forward with these goals is really not an option.

The Type-A Personality

Another personality trait that helps be in the go-getter mindset is being a Type A personality. If you’re a type-A person, then you’re naturally driven and action-oriented. You can easily find the self-motivation to get out of your house and make things happen. You are constantly moving towards your goals and doing whatever it takes to achieve them.

What I realized is that every time that I choose to get out and take action towards my goals and dream life, I always feel good.

I never go outside of my comfort zone and then regret it. It always feels rewarding and elevating. Trust me on this.

Having a positive mindset is not enough. I think what you need to have is a competitive and action-oriented mindset.

What’s interesting is that having this type of mindset applies to all areas of your life, not only career or business.

Mindset is Important

Let me share a story. About a month or so ago, I was invited to a cocktail masterclass at a restaurant in Downtown Dubai.

One day ahead of the event, I got a call informing me that the even has been cancelled. The hostess also mentioned that they have a live Jazz performance each Wednesday and that I can join for dinner.

Because I had already booked a hair salon appointment and I was in the middle of getting my nails done, I agreed to just visit the restaurant and have a solo dinner. And I’m so glad that I did.

Apart from the beautiful opportunity to act as if I have a partner (since one of the activities in my dream life is to go to classy bars and enjoy live music), I had a lovely dinner and wonderful night out.

I share this story as an example of the mindset that you want to have in all areas of your life. Not only career.

Being an Alpha Woman

Being an alpha woman means that I’m a leader and that I commit to my plans. I don’t back off.

The only time that I back off is when I’m not feeling aligned. For example, Full Moons are times for self-reflection and taking things easy. These are the times when I would definitely follow how I feel and cancel any commitments if I don’t feel aligned.

Trust me, once you’re in the momentum of feeling good and taking inspired action towards your goals, opportunities will start to open up for you. You will attract powerful synchronicities and signs. Your life will unfold with so much flow and ease.

I hope that you find today’s tip useful for motivation to start anything. Please feel free to comment with any questions that you might have about emotional resilience and thriving in life.


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