Five Powerful Ways to Build Emotional Resilience and Thrive

Last week, I wrote a blog post about staying solution-focused and how this is something that takes a mindset shift.

Because many of you are going through difficult times these days or feeling drained, I thought of sharing another helpful mindset tip.

Although I find it easier to deal with adversity, I still feel down or confused sometimes.

First, you must know that it’s normal to experience negative emotions and that you should feel them without judgement.

What truly helps me stay grounded and sane are my daily rituals. Plus other tips that I will share with you today.

Five Ways to Build Emotional Resilience 

  1. Daily meditation. This is a powerful practice that helps me stay centered and aligned. I prefer silent meditation and I do anything between 25 to 45 minutes every morning. These days, my average is 30 minutes. If you’re uncomfortable with silent meditation, try walking or moving your body in any way that helps you feel centered and grounded.
  2. Focus on gratitude. This is another important wellness tip that takes practice. You can start by writing in a gratitude journal every morning until you get used to doing it naturally. When you focus on the good in each situation, you immediately feel better and you attract more positive things and people into your life.
  3. Explore your hobbies and interests. Find out what activities and communities bring you joy and make you feel good. I personally love cooking and testing new recipes. Each weekend, I look forward to going grocery shopping for my meals and snacks. It’s a simple thing but so powerful for your emotional health and wellbeing.
  4. Work on projects and always have something to look forward to. Staying productive is another way that helps build emotional resilience. When you have personal or work projects to look forward to, you naturally feel good about yourself and your life. It can be as simple as decorating your home with new accessories or investing in a DIY project.
  5. Cut the things and connections that no longer serve you. I would say that this is one of the main issues that my clients struggle with. What you need to know is that if you follow all the above tips and then connect with toxic or negative family or friends, then you are doing yourself a disservice. Setting healthy boundaries with others and putting yourself first is so important. You can read this blog post about boundary setting to know more about this.

If you Follow these Tips and are Still Struggling to Build Emotional Resilience

If you’ve tried following the above tips and are still struggling with feeling aligned and positive, then you might need to work with a certified coach.

I personally have worked with multiple coaches and attended so many spiritual growth workshops. So I can tell you that you will need support when you feel ready for it.

As an NLP certified coach, I can help you release unprocessed negative emotions using NLP timeline tools and concepts.

My coaching also blends spirituality and the law of attraction principles.

Find out more about my one-on-one coaching services from this website.

Let me know if you have any Wellness Wednesday topic suggestions and what exactly you are struggling with these days. I would love to hear from you!


How to build emotional resilience

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