Accept yourself to Manifest Someone who Accepts you as you are

Let me ask you an important question. Do you really accept yourself?

If you missed last week’s Manifestation Monday blog post, you can read it here. In that post, I give you ideas for the different ways that you can manifest based on your personality type. I shared a couple of examples and stories from my personal life on how I manifested magical things and people in the past.

The reason that manifesting love takes longer than other things is because we have limiting beliefs and doubts when it comes to love. Some  limiting beliefs are related to our childhood and how we are shown love by our caregivers. Other blocks to manifesting love are a result of our negative past dating and relationship experiences. And most importantly, it all depends on how worthy and deserving we believe we are of that dream life and person.

I can talk more about this topic in a future blog post. But for today, I wanted to share with you a breakthrough that I recently had about manifesting love.

Last Thursday, I shared a story about how being an independent, strong and successful woman isn’t a selling point for manifesting love. You can read that post here if you still didn’t.

What does accepting yourself look like?

A couple of years ago, I was attending a spiritual growth retreat in Bali and it was focused on understanding men and tuning into our feminine essence.

I was walking to the space where we used to have our daily sessions, when I heard one of the male participants say: “They are all alpha women here.”

Back in the summer of 2019, I didn’t really want to be identified as an alpha woman. I actually only accepted this quality about a week or so ago 😹

All I wanted when I attended that Bali love retreat was to learn how to embrace my feminine side and to soften as a woman.

What ended up happening after attending that two-week retreat was that I was surrendering entirely to the manifestation process. I stopped taking any sort of action and I was living in complete surrender mode. Which you will understand from my upcoming ebook is completely wrong. I will explain more about this and share the mistakes that I did in my soulmate manifestation journey in the book.

Basically, I’m a strong, independent and driven woman. As an adult who has been single for most of my life, I didn’t like that quality of mine. Not only did I hate being single, I even rejected myself as a strong, independent woman!

What is an Alpha Women?

If you’re wondering what an alpha woman is, she’s basically someone with a leading personality. She is always on the go, highly motivated and driven, very independent and strong. She’s the female version of an alpha man.

So all of my life, I wasn’t accepting who I am in essence. There was an inner conflict between the woman that my family conditioning shaped me to be and the one who wanted to embrace her femininity and to soften.

I thought that I had to change in order to manifest a partner. But in reality, the real work was accepting myself as an alpha woman!

And this breakthrough was realized recently. After reading about alpha men and from my past dating experiences, I knew that I’m only attracted to this type of man.

Once I came to this conclusion, I found it easier to accept myself as an alpha woman. Because when I’m with an alpha man, I can easily soften and live from beautiful feminine energy.

While I wasn’t happy with my alpha woman traits all of my adult life, I realized that I can’t really change them and that I have to embrace who I truly am. Because only when I accept myself completely, I can manifest a partner who also accepts me as I am.

And when this person shows up, I’ll be able to soften. I’ll be in my feminine essence when I’m in his presence.

What About You?

What are your thoughts on this breakthrough? Are you accepting yourself as you are? Are there any parts of your personality that you’re still not fully accepting? What are they? What breakthroughs have you had this pandemic season?

Let me know in the comments! And sign up to the blog for a new post this Wednesday.


Accepting yourself to manifest love

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