Identifying Personal Growth: Signs of Positive Change

New Moon is Coming Tomorrow

I’m very excited for tomorrow’s New Moon. The energy has been in the air for the past few days, and I love it.

New Moons are perfect for clarifying what you want to manifest in your life. In these days, beautiful synchronicities naturally happen. And I like to spend time reviewing my soulmate wish list or practicing other manifestation methods.

I’ll be writing a blog post about the different manifestation methods soon. So stay tuned and sign up to the blog for updates.

You can also read my blog post on how to write your soulmate wish list. This can be a handy guide for tomorrow’s New Moon ritual.

Last Week’s Blog Post

If you missed last week’s Thursday Thoughts story, you can read it here. I wrote about the ways that you can rewire your brain to believe that true love exists and that you’re worthy of receiving it.

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Signs of Positive Change

This morning, I had a lovely start to my day. I went for a long walk in my favourite Dubai park – Ettihad Park at Palm Jumeirah.

The weather these days is just perfect for going for long walks. So I’m making the most of it and avoiding taking cabs unless I really need to. It’s so nice to rely on the metro, tram and walking.

After my lovely walk, I headed to the nearby mall for a coffee and some grocery shopping. I ended up buying a lovely flower bouquet for myself – an early Valentine’s Day celebration 🙂

While at Starbucks, I finally got the name of the Barista who always makes my coffee. He’s so kind and friendly to the toddlers and babies. Well, he’s kind and friendly to everyone, really. And he makes a great cup of coffee.

After my coffee break, I headed to Sephora to book next week’s eyebrow shaping and tinting appointment. And that’s when something shocking happened.

I asked the Benefit sales lady about booking the service, the prices and a specific eyebrow expert that I read good reviews about. The lady I spoke to was so unfriendly and rude that I was shocked for a few hours of my day! I still am in shock from that interaction.

Sadly, the eyebrow expert I wanted to book with now works at another store. But I still managed to book an appointment with another expert for next week.

The sales lady and eyebrow expert that I was talking to was super rigid and rude in her interaction and she even said: “As I told you, etc.” but she said the sentence in a very rude and robotic way, not in a kind way.

That moment helped me realise how much I’ve grown and evolved as a person.

Interestingly, I’ve been living in the same city since 2010 but only started noticing these small behaviours now. And that’s because I did so much inner work to become a kind person myself.

It’s so powerful when you realize you’re not the person you were a decade ago. And that you’ve changed for the better.

I realized that I now recognize kindness or cruelty in others and value kindness and humility much more than before.

I’ll update on the eyebrow service after I finish it on Monday. I’m excited to try this new place – the Benefit Brow Bar at Sephora. They have a brow counter at all Sephora stores. It’s my first time to try their service.

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Here are some of the highlights from my walk in the park, coffee and flower bouquet shopping!



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