Full Moon Manifestation: What are you Ready to Release?

Full Moons are potent for letting go of old patterns, habits or even toxic people.

Each full moon brings an opportunity to change and shift old behaviors and habits.

Of course, this time of the month also feels very intense, and many weird things can happen in the days leading up to and after the full moon night.

I wrote a couple of blog posts about making peace with being single and how this impacts manifesting a relationship. You can read one of these blog posts here.

Although I’ve been single for most of my life, I never truly accepted or liked this status. There was always an energy of wanting to be in a relationship and to have a loving partner. The latest Manifestation Monday blog post talks about the energy of need and desperation when manifesting love. You can read that story here.

Full Moon Manifestation

When you’re manifesting from a place of deep need and desperation, you block your desire from showing up in your life.

Another way you could be blocking your manifesting is by resisting being single and not accepting it as your current life situation.

Whatever you resist persists. And this includes your single status.

When you’re not at peace with being single, you create resistance towards the future vision that’s already on its way to you.

A good manifestation strategy would be to make minor manifestations towards the big goal: relationship.

And to always manifest from where you are in the present moment, not where you’re pretending to be at.

What does this look like?

This means that instead of pretending to be in a relationship or not acknowledging that you’re single, you want to manifest from the vibration of where you are now. And where you are now is your single status, and that’s how you can get to the next mini manifestation.

So start embracing being single and seeing it from a positive perspective. Bring awareness to all the good things that come with being single. Like the freedom to do whatever you want with your time, schedule flexibility, meeting new people and making new friends, solo travel and exploring destinations that you choose to see and so many other perks.

Once you start living from this place of feeling good about being single, your future life can unfold to you with ease.

You allow things to come to you when you manifest from a place of no resistance or negativity. And you’re living in alignment with what’s already yours and is meant for you.

This Full Moon, I encourage you to let go of resenting being single and start living your best life.

I know that I’m ready for this phase of manifestation and I’m excited about so many things like an upcoming trip in December.

Are you ready to release the resistance so you can manifest with ease and flow? Now is the right time.


Full Moon Manifestation

Full Moon Manifestation and Full Moon vibes

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