Focus on Yourself this Pandemic and Watch the Universe Respond

A few updates. The full moon in Cancer energy is intense. The full moon was on the 17th but the energy lasts for four days before and four days after the actual date.

We’re also experiencing Mercury Retrograde and the post-shadow phase lasts until around mid-February.

I’ve been having all sorts of injuries, like cutting my skin in the same spot within a few days while using my coffee machine. And although I’ve owned this coffee maker since the start of the pandemic, this is the first time that I injured myself this way.

Strange things happen with electronics and any devices too. Like when my MacBook suddenly froze and I had to restart it using the keyboard. These are all part of the Retrograde period.

The situation with my neighbors is also getting worse. They have a one year-old daughter who screams all day and night. Sometimes it’s crying. It’s a message from the Universe forcing me to move. I know because I asked the Universe for a partner and I know that I will meet him outside of this region. I just know. This is why I’m exploring where I can move for part of the year.

Remember that anything bad that you’re experiencing is part of a bigger picture and is ultimately for your own advantage.

You can only Shift the Pattern when you’re Ready

In last week’s blog post, I shared about how I tend to lead with my masculine side. And how I’m still working on shifting this pattern. What’s interesting is that you can only change a pattern when the time is right and you’re ready for something new and different.

I remember setting an intention to learn how to apply makeup since so many years ago. As I kept procrastinating, I decided to just remove this goal from my to-do-list and simply forget about it.

I thought that if I didn’t prioritize it all this time (and it was a really long time, like over a year maybe), then it’s not something that I need to do now.

Fast forward to these days, because I set a New Year intention to be in my feminine, I’ve been getting all these messages related to tuning into my feminine energy.

It’s powerful how the Universe supports you once you set a clear and specific intention.

And it can only happen when you’re ready. Not before that. Let me explain…

As with makeup skills, I attempted to find a way to style my hair at home in the start of the pandemic. However, because the time wasn’t right for this goal, I never really practiced. So, I just kept the styler in my storage tray.

Because I was processing and integrating other stuff, there was no space for practicing makeup or styling my hair. Even though I wanted to take on this task, but it wasn’t flowing – at all.

Now that I set the intention for this goal this year – mainly because I’m now ready to shift this masculine pattern – I’m attracting all sorts of signs that support this decision! You can read about my New Year intention in this blog post.

Of course, being in my feminine energy and doing less also ties into taking my hair and makeup skills to the next level.

It’s all connected. Because when you invest in looking more feminine, it helps you tune into that energy from within.

In my healing and spiritual growth journey, I started with inner work. I didn’t focus on the outside at all. Since my first Bali wellness retreat in October of 2016 to now, I was focused on the inner work.

I prioritized things like setting healthy boundaries and processing inner child therapy work. In addition, I began investing in self-love, nurturing myself and cutting toxic people out of my life. Further, I began doing shadow work, tantra and learning everything about dating, relationships and the male psyche.

Then, something powerful happened. I gained so much weight in this pandemic (around eight kilos since the last time I weighed myself) and because I was done processing all the deep inner work, it was time to work on the physical aspects and my looks.

Consequently, I started going for long walks (which I always did really), and signed up for a low-calorie plant-based meal plan. I tried and tested a couple of heat stylers and found one that worked but didn’t commit to using it and I now feel ready.

If you’re trying to shift an old pattern or childhood program and things are not flowing, it could be because you’re not ready for this change.

I know that I’m now totally invested in my physical looks and outside appearance. It’s the last step in my healing journey.

I’m letting my hair grow for six months. Every time I get it trimmed, we’re back to square one. I’ll be going to practice styling my hair every Saturday and Wednesday. Discovering online makeup resources means I can practice my skills. Additionally, I’ll continue with staying active and eating clean and healthy.

This pandemic might seem endless and depleting, but if you choose to fill it with personal growth and inner work, it can be a powerful and fun phase.

You can also choose to do less and to create space for your manifestations. It’s totally up to you.

Stay tuned for Monday’s blog post, it will be about another sign that you’re close to manifesting something big.

In next week’s Thursday Thoughts blog post, I’ll share with you what triggered me to finally learn how to apply makeup properly.

Let me know how you’re feeling these days and what are you struggling with? 


Focus on yourself

Focus on Yourself

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