Fate is Fate Anyway: A Spiritual Medium’s Advice


I’m very excited these days as I just finalized all the bookings for my next Bali trip this October!
I’m really looking forward to another wellness retreat with My Chi Journey and to seeing my lovely Indonesian friends again. It’s always good to get away from busy and commercial Dubai.

Spiritual Medium’s Advice

A recent visit to a spiritual medium made me think: What is the best way to build social connections? How do we expand our social circle while staying true to our values and interests? What are the best places (online or offline) for meeting new people and making new friends?
This topic has been on my mind recently. Living in a cosmopolitan city like Dubai has its perks of networking with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. However, it can also be tricky when you and those individuals aren’t on the same page when it comes to life goals and aspirations.
I asked the experienced spiritual guide if I was going to meet my life partner in real life or through online dating sites and apps. Her answer was simple: “The man will come naturally. I will be outside of the UAE when introduced to him formally at an exhibition or conference. There will be a friendship before love.”

Finding Mr Right

The truth is, I didn’t make any effort into looking for Mr. Right for the first 34 years of my life. But, a slight obsession with finding my life partner grew on me over the past three years. I thought that maybe if I changed my strategy of ‘not looking’, he will somehow make an appearance!
I’m 37 now and after my very informative spiritual reading, I decided to be open and to meet new people. This is without obsessing about finding the right guy. As the wise and kind spiritual guide said: “Fate is fate anyway.”

Source: Saudi Feed

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