Finding a Romantic Partner, Where do I Begin?

finding a romantic partner

Finding a romantic partner is an interesting topic. As you might have already noticed from My Story, I’m a late-bloomer. I had to go through everything in life at a later stage because of my background and parents.

Finding a Romantic Partner

That’s not something that I’m ashamed of. I completely accept it, because you can’t move forward from a point of resilience, bitterness or regret. So I choose to be content, peaceful and calm. That is unless an Uber driver does something to piss me off.
Due to my late development and growth in many areas, I’ve also been single for most of my life. I’m super picky and selective when it comes to people I allow into my life. So if that’s how I am with friends and family, you can only imagine my preferences when it comes to finding a romantic partner.

Finding a Romantic Partner in the City

Living in a transitory, fast-paced, commercial city like Dubai doesn’t help either. Most men aren’t really looking to commit. When it comes to women they can simply have fun. This free, no-strings attached lifestyle is widely and easily accessible for them.
Having said that, I do believe there are decent, single men out there who are also looking for a healthy relationship. They don’t all just want a fling or a one-night stand. The challenge though is to be connected to them in some way and to actually meet them in person!
So far, I’ve tried a number of ways to find a compatible partner or soul companion. Let me list those to you and see what you think:
I tried ‘not looking’ for anyone. I was just enjoying life and doing the things that make me happy. This involved attending events that I felt like going to, networking with like-minded people and not putting much thought into finding anyone special or a partner in particular.
I tried online platforms and dating apps to meet like-minded individuals from a similar background. I tried sitting in public places (bars or cafes) in Dubai and around the world, just doing my own thing and trying to meet interesting people. This didn’t work. I tried expanding my social circle and making new friends. But since I’m a very independent and rebellious woman, I only met with other powerful and strong ‘single’ ladies who became my close friends and family. So now we’re all experiencing being single and its challenges together ? I tried joining groups for hobbies, activities and other interests to meet like-minded people. This led to meeting more ladies with a similar mindset but no interesting men at all!!!

Being Honest About Love

I feel like I should end this post before it gets too depressing and dramatic. That’s the last thing that I want to give to my followers and readers.
To be completely honest, I haven’t lost hope at all in meeting Mr. Right (or Mr. Right now) mainly because I feel that there’s still more work to do in that area. Since I started everything late in my life, I believe that the learning curve is still at its infancy for me. I believe that there are so many valuable lessons to learn, experiences to have, failed dates to go out on, things to discover about myself and what exactly I’m looking for in a partner and a plethora of not-my-type guys to meet!
I’m truly not worries about getting older as I’m not sure if I even want to have kids. So that’s not an issue. I feel like the journey is more important than the destination and I’m still enjoying mine (sometimes not as much as I’d like to admit). I’m not too fixated on finding this compatible partner as I am in understanding what lies behind this whole romantic relationship area of life. I would honestly say that I’m a bit confused at this stage. I’m not sure if I should invest time, energy and thought into actually ‘searching’ for a compatible life partner or simply trust the Universe and let things flow.

Manifest Your Soulmate

To add to this confusion, I’ve had two different psychics give me totally opposing views when it comes to ‘looking’ for that special someone. That’s why, I’m seeing a Balinese Tarot Card Reader in Ubud, Bali next week! Excited!
In my endless quest to find Mr. Right, I’m also planning on buying a book about this specific subject and using the law of attraction to manifest love.
Do you have any proven tips to find love in a fast-paced, transient city? How do you go about ‘looking’ for a partner or companion? What has worked for you? Where do I think I should begin?

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