Effortless Manifesting: Embracing Detachment from Desires

Last week’s Manifestation Monday blog post was about stepping out of your comfort zone and how this helps you manifest clues about your dream life and person.

I’m counting down the days to my six-month Bali move this July. So excited to live in a place that perfectly matches my true self!

What are your plans for the summer or the rest of the year?

I’ve been hosting social meetup events since mid-February and the last one will be tomorrow. It was an interesting journey because I didn’t expect that Meetup will be part of my healing journey too! I’ll share about this in a future post.

Today, I wanted to share a recent mini-manifestation story. I’m sure this story will help you understand the concept of letting go of attachment when manifesting. Also known as detaching from the outcome of the manifestation process.

If you read this manifestation story about how easy it is to manifest flowers, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Manifesting flowers within a day or two is effortless because we’re not desperate to have flowers. It’s cool if we get them and we’re also cool if we don’t. I have a flower vase that I rarely use and I don’t really care. That’s why manifesting flowers is quick and easy.

Let me share with you another great manifestation success story that happened in the last few days.

Last week, I hosted a ladies night meetup event at a new wine bar in town. Although only one woman showed up, we had an amazing time, and I laughed hard. It was a fun night out.

The next day, I received an email from the wine bar thanking me for my visit and sharing a reservation link for future bookings. After two days, I replied that I had a great time and would like to stay updated with wine tasting events at the bar.

The email message bounced back because the email address was a no-reply one. They have another email address that I could have messages with the same request, but I truly didn’t care that much.

Embracing Detachment from Desires

The state that I was in is exactly how you want to feel when manifesting anything – including a relationship!

How I felt was basically this: I would like to attend wine tasting events at the bar but I’m also going to Bali in about a month. So I can attend these types of events in Bali. So I felt indifferent and I wasn’t desperate to attend these events at the new wine bar.

I was OK with attending them and I was also good with not. I truly didn’t care that much because I knew that I was moving to Bali soon.

Guess what happened next? The day before yesterday, I received a Meetup notification that the bar started a meetup group for hosting wine tasting events! The group is specifically created to update wine lovers in the city of upcoming wine tasting events!

It was the same bar that I went to as part of the Meetup events that I was organizing!

The secret to manifesting anything – whether it’s small or big – is detaching from the outcome and removing the desperation.

The thing about manifesting love is that most people who are manifesting a relationship are not really apathetic about it. LOL.

We are truly fed up of being single (in my case chronically single) and we don’t feel like it’s OK if we get it and OK if we don’t.

I’m sharing this story with you at a stage where I’m actually feeling like I’m so comfortable in my own skin that I’m OK if I don’t get to be part of a couple. The journey to get to this stage wasn’t easy and it was a lot of hard work. But I’m so glad that I made it!

So I now don’t have this desperation of wanting to be in a relationship. Somehow, I feel content with myself and life just the way it is.

Yeah it would be cool to be in a relationship but I’m also totally OK if I don’t get to be in one. It’s really strange for me to type out these words because I used to be so desperate to be in a relationship. But things change when you do the deep inner work!

Do you feel like you can be OK with not getting your desire? Your dream person? Are you living a fulfilling life on your own?

Let me know in the comments!



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Embracing Detachment

Manifestation secrets: Embracing Detachment


Relax and enjoy life


Embracing Detachment

Manifestation secrets: Embracing Detachment

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