Step Outside of your Comfort Zone to Manifest Love!

Last week’s blog post was about living in the end when manifesting a relationship. You can read it here.

Yesterday’s Strawberry full moon felt so light and easy. It felt like a welcoming of new energy and experiences.

A Sunday Adventure: Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone

Like each Sunday, I went out for breakfast. But this time, I was craving pancakes, so I was searching online for a place that serves a gluten-free version. Finding a place that serves GF pancakes is uncommon, but I eventually found a spot at the other end of town.

For someone who doesn’t drive, taking a cab for GF pancakes makes no sense, but that’s where the magic happens!

Since I had already booked a massage on the other end of town, going the extra kilometre for GF pancakes made perfect sense. And I’m so happy I did because the place had excellent smoothies and great GF pancakes.

It’s so important to take time to treat yourself to good things, which is precisely what I did yesterday.

I started my day with a healthy breakfast of GF pancakes and two smoothies. Then I went for a 30-minute back, neck and shoulder massage. Post my muscle-melting massage, I went for speciality coffee and an iced matcha latte at a quiet, cosy cafe.

After a powerful encounter with the Barista, who turned out to be a talkative introvert who loves cooking, eating and taking long walks, I knew that this full moon was different.

I later headed out for a cheat meal for a late lunch and some grocery shopping.

Discovering New Places and Embracing True Self

That was the perfect Sunday: great breakfast, good speciality coffee, late lunch and a bit of grocery shopping.

What was powerful about this Sunday is that I made a decision to go somewhere far and not close to where I live.

Instead of sticking to a breakfast spot in my neighbourhood or finding a massage place nearby, I took the effort to step outside my comfort zone and go somewhere on the other end of town. This is an even more significant move considering that I don’t drive and have to take cabs to get from one place to another.

Cases about manifesting your dream life and person unfold from stepping outside your comfort zone.

Manifest Love through Stepping Out and Embracing Change

For example, the Barista I met who mirrored me was just a reminder to embrace my true self.

Another positive thing from yesterday’s trip to the other end of town is that I discovered places in the city that match my personality and soul essence. They might not be at my end of town, but they exist!

I remember when I briefly joined a gym somewhere in Jumeirah and met a woman who was married to a kid who lived there.

I was sharing with her how I don’t feel a sense of belonging to the city, so she mentioned that I would feel better if I lived in a villa in Jumeirah.

Of course, since I don’t drive, I prefer to stay in my area, which is connected everywhere by metro and tram.

But I just remembered her words yesterday. Because when I chose to go to certain calm places on the other end of town, I felt more aligned with my true self. The pace of life in that part of town is much slower and more centered than in the area where I live.

So I felt I could always find places and people that help me feel centered and grounded.

If you cannot move cities, towns or countries for any reason, try shaking up your routine and stepping out of your comfort zone. You will be surprised at the powerful synchronicities that appear for you.




gluten free pancakes


manifest love

manifest love


Strawberry full moon


manifest love

Manifest love on a strawberry full moon

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