Living in the End: The Key to Manifesting Relationships

I’m still feeling the impact of the Mercury Retrograde post-shadow phase. Luckily, we have a few days to go till it ends.

Last week, I wrote a blog post about how to stop identifying with your single self – you can read it here.

Today’s manifestation tip is somewhat related to that story. Apart from identifying with your future self and feeling as if you already have your dream life and person, you want to start living in the end.

Living in the End – Manifesting Relationships

When manifesting a relationship, living in the end, means living as if you are already experiencing that dream life where you are in a healthy and loving relationship.

So you’re not dating much or even thinking about dating because that’s living like your old self – who’s still looking or trying to manifest a relationship.

For a spiritual person like me, living in the end is perfect. We find it so easy and fun to live from the state of already having our wishes fulfilled. Who wants to get into the hassle of dating when you can attract your dream person energetically and spiritually?

Instead of thinking of how you will be in that relationship or how you will attract it, start living as if you already have it.

This dream life is different from one person to another. What does your dream life look like? Where are you living? How are you feeling? How are you talking, walking and engaging with the world?

For example, I’m excited about my semi-Bali move this July because my dream life is on an island, not a city.

Living in the end for me means that I’m doing all the things that I would do if I already had my person.

I can do these things alone or with friends if I’m tuning into the feelings and emotions of already having my desire.

If I’m feeling happy, relaxed, fulfilled and excited about life, I’m doing this right.

What Not to Do When Living in the End

You don’t want to live as if you’re in the dating stage or as if you’re still looking for your person.

This tip applies to visualizing your dream life as well. You’re not visualizing being on a date with your person – that’s the early stages!

You want to visualize and feel like you’re already living and enjoying that life. It’s already done, and it’s yours to immerse yourself in.

My inspiration for this post came from meeting some women still in the searching and hunting stage or state.

If you’re feeling and living from the state of looking and searching, you’re not a match for your dream life or person.

Because you’re still vibrating on the energy of your old single self, not your future self who’s already involved and part of a couple.

I hope that I made this point explicit because living in the end is indeed a shortcut to materializing your dream life and person.

And remember that we’re not pretending. We’re not forcing. We’re just being.

I’ll elaborate on this last point in next week’s Manifestation Monday blog post. So stay tuned!




Manifesting Relationships

Living in the End: The Key to Manifesting Relationships

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