Echo Beach, Canggu, You Touched my Soul

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There’s a certain calmness and peacefulness at Echo beach, Canggu. The first time I walked along the black sandy beach with its dark yet charming vibes, I got so emotional and found myself in tears. They were tears of sadness, loneliness and grief.
I was feeling tired of my single status and thinking about how my adverse childhood has influenced this. Despite the fact that I now completely forgive my parents for their parenting and behavior mistakes, the uneasiness of this past situation manages to creep into me from time to time.
The second time that I walked along the shores of enchanting Echo beach and after completing my mindful walk, I could hear beats of the song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” playing by Old Man’s bar’s live band and I knew that I had to take it as a sign for me to do just that.
To be continued in a future post…
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