Easy Manifestation Methods and How to Pick the Best One for You!

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Wow! This past full moon was so intense that I’m still experiencing physical symptoms. I know that I say this each month but this time, it’s for real!

Since the full moon night, I’ve been having a really bad headache, broken sleep and vivid, strange dreams that have people from the past!

I’m still recovering from the strong headache and other symptoms. I also just discovered that this month’s full moon is all about healing. So that explains the strong physical symptoms.

How have you been doing since this full moon started on February 24? Are you experiencing any strange things?

Manifestation Methods

I know that many of you are already familiar with manifestation methods. You might have tried some of them and are feeling hopeless that nothing seems to work. Trust me, I know how it feels.

You probably tried different methods to manifest a relationship and are still waiting for that person to show up. Well, the truth is that manifestation methods only work if you’re also feeling great and taking inspired action.

I remember how in the past, I used to keep a journal with affirmations about my dream life. I wrote the sentence: “I feel so happy and grateful for my healthy and loving relationship with my person..” or something like that.

Each morning, after meditation, I would write this sentence repeatedly on three pages in my journal. Then I wondered why my person didn’t show up! LOL

Looking back, there were two mistakes in this process. The first is that I wasn’t feeling great in those times. I still had a lot of healing to do and I just wasn’t feeling good in general.

The second mistake is that I wasn’t taking any inspired action to achieve my goal of being in a relationship. For example, I wasn’t dating or trying to be out there to date.

Now that I shared with you the mistakes that I did, let’s introduce my top manifestation methods (that only work when you take inspired action and are at a good place in your life):

  • Journaling: This is when you write down your desire in a notebook. You can also use affirmations to support the feeling of already having that desire. Things like: “I’m feeling happy and grateful for my healthy and loving relationship.” Journaling is a great tool but I don’t find it that helpful to be honest. I think that if you have deep limiting beliefs, then journaling is useless. It’s like saying things to yourself that your subconscious mind doesn’t believe and will never believe!
  • Visualization: Similar to journaling, this tool is only good if you don’t have serious limiting beliefs and self-worth issues. What happens when you visualize your dream life when you’re not in a good place, is that your subconscious mind will negate everything that you’re trying to imagine in your third eye. Trust me, it will make things worse! LOL You can read this blog post about the topic. The blog post discusses why manifesting love takes longer than manifesting other stuff. Read it here.
  • Vision Boards: This is one of my favorite manifestation methods. I love having my dream life in front of me all the time. From previous trips to Italy, I got these really cool vintage poster re-prints with couples basically living my dream life. I have them posted on my walls and I look at them whenever I feel like I need some re-assurance. I think this is a great way to be reminded of your dream life and to have it in a place where you can always see it. You can create your own vision board by looking for posters online or at stores. Another idea is to simply create a sketch book with magazine cut-outs of scenes from your dream life. Just make sure that they all have couples and not just a single woman!
  • Meditation is another great manifestation tool. You can use meditation for both visualization and visioning. The first method is to visualize your dream life with your person and tune into the feelings of that life. For example, feeling supported, safe, loved and taken care of. Visioning during meditation is a method that allows you to receive guidance about your dream life. All you need to do is set an intention to receive guidance and to sit silently and meditate. You will receive visuals and other signs that help you take action in the direction of your desire. I tried this method once and it really works. So give it a try and let me know how it goes!
  • Creating lists: Another favorite manifestation method of mine is creating lists of my desire. If you’re manifesting a relationship, you want to write down the list of traits that you’re manifesting in a partner. I keep this list on my phone and I review it on the new moon when I feel inspired. You can read this guide for how to write a soulmate wish list correctly. Make sure to do this at the new moon, when you’re bringing in new energy into your life.

The Main Element for all the Manifestation Methods

I want to end this blog post by saying that the main element for whatever manifestation method you choose to follow is the feeling. As I said earlier in this post, as long as you’re not feeling great or are in a low vibration, then sadly nothing good will come into your life.

So no matter how many methods you follow or repeat on a daily basis, if you’re not feeling great in your own skin and in your life, then nothing will change. Read this blog post to understand what I mean.

Also, don’t forget that taking inspired action is another major part of manifesting any desire.

The tricky part is that when you’re not feeling worthy of a healthy and loving relationship, then dating is not a good idea. I know because I was in that place myself.

The right way to do this manifestation work is to start by building your self-worth and confidence. Then, once you feel that you’re at a good place, you can start dating and meeting new people.

My upcoming ebook helps you build your self-worth and confidence with practical and powerful steps.

Sign up to the blog to know when my ebook will be released. Until then, Happy Manifesting!



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