Date Yourself & Date Others to Manifest a Healthy, Loving Relationship

Today, I’m sharing with you a kind of advanced law of attraction tip.

As you know, the way that the law of attraction works is that like energy attracts like.

This means that if you are waiting to physically have a loving partner in your life, you’re in for a long wait!

I’m sure you’ve heard many people tell you that you need to vibrate on the energy of love to attract it into your life. How do you do this?

While you can do many things to love yourself like nourish your body, take care of your health and emotional wellbeing and set healthy and strong boundaries, there’s another practical thing that you can start doing from today!

Why you find it hard to Date yourself

If I just asked you to start going out on dates with yourself, with friends or with other people, then I would be skipping a major part of the process.

The truth is, while I was always independent and I’ve been traveling solo for over a decade, I wasn’t vibrating on a high energy or feeling confident.

I was simply going out alone because it felt like the right thing to do while I was single.

What was missing was the vibration and energy that comes with that independence.

Because I had limiting beliefs and blocks to manifesting love, I wasn’t emitting a positive energy that would attract potential partners or even dates.

What’s interesting is that how you feel about yourself and your relationship status is directly reflected in your energy field. And that’s what determines how others perceive you and approach you – or not.

So if you feel that you’re not good enough or have shame around being single, then that’s exactly the type of energy that you will emit to others.

When your main vibe is ‘I’m not good enough’ when you’re out and about, then it doesn’t matter how many times you dine or travel solo or how many activities you do with other like-minded people.

How Do I Date Myself?

If you’re waiting to have a partner to do the things that you dream of doing or enjoy doing, then you’re simply slowing down the manifesting process.

When you’re in that ‘hoping’, ‘trying’ or ‘waiting’ energy, the Universe reflects that back to you in the physical.

So you will continue to attract people, situations and circumstances where you are looking and searching for a partner.

Once you stop waiting and start acting as if you already have a partner, your reality eventually shifts to reflect that and things start moving in the right direction.

Instead of waiting to be part of a happy couple to do the things that couples do, start doing these things now.

Go out for breakfast or coffee, go on road trips, have drinks at sunset and engage in your favorite activities or hobbies.

Basically start doing the things that you would do once you’re in a healthy, loving relationship now. Wait no more.

I personally only started applying this tip with the awareness of already being in a relationship recently.

The inspiration came to me when a friend couldn’t make it for our breakfast meetup. So, I decided to go anyway and act as if I was with my partner.

It felt so good to spend the day having breakfast, coffee and walking around as if I was with my partner.

I also felt the joy and excitement that goes with being in a healthy, loving relationship.

When you’re in that high vibration, amazing things start showing up for you and life becomes so exciting!

Avoid Being in the Energy of Need and Desperation

I wrote a blog post about this a while back and I think it’s worth sharing this again now.

When you’re dating yourself, going out with friends or on actual dates with potential matches, it’s important to do it without the energy of neediness and desperation.

You can’t be applying this advanced LOA technique while feeling desperate to be loved or be in a relationship.

Because what happens when you’re in that space of desperation and neediness is that you create resistance towards your desire.

You can read all about this important tip in this blog post.

The best way to get from this feeling of need and desperation to being confident and excited about your relationship is to do the inner work to release your limiting beliefs and blocks.

I write about the different things that I did to help me release my own limiting beliefs and blocks on my blog.

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Date Yourself

Date yourself to Manifest Faster

Date Yourself

Be the energy that you want to manifest

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