Bali Getaway: Where to Stay and What to See in Seminyak


A memorable and relaxing stay at The Legian Bali

If you’re thinking of escaping reality and moving to a tropical island where no one knows you and you can simply disappear, then I would highly recommend Seminyak in Bali. It’s a blissful piece of the island, where you can actually have a normal life. You can spend days surfing strong, powerful waves or simply walking on the long stretch of sandy beach, before sitting down for a drink or mocktail with the backdrop of a magical sunset.

Seminyak is truly paradise on earth. There’s an undeniable lively and positive vibe in its streets, a rich culture down every corner and a universal Bali peacefulness to its beach. You can choose to lunch and dine at one of many top restaurants and cafes, which I’ll be covering in the next post. You can dance the night away or just meditate by the ocean. Whatever your lifestyle is, there’s definitely something for you in Seminyak.

Since I still didn’t take up surfing, I spent my days going for long walks on the beach (you can walk for up to two hours), topping up my tan and having lovely conversation with the sarong, kite and accessory-selling folks at the beach.

To give you a glimpse of what Seminyak beach life looks like, have a look at my pictures from my ten-day stay at the surreal island…


The Legian Bali makes for a relaxing Seminyak stay


Majestic vibes at The Legian Bali on Seminyak beach


The most beautiful soul on Seminyak beach, Bella is a real angel


Pure bliss at Seminyak beach, Bali


Seminyak beach waves are perfect for practicing your favorite water sport!


Re-connecting with my real self at Seminyak beach was the highlight of my stay!


Next on my to-do list: learn how to surf!


A leisurely breakfast at The Legian Bali


A magical Seminyak sunset moment


If you see the lovely Bella at Seminyak beach, please tell her I say hello!


The Legian Bali, where I stayed was perfect. Excellent service, great food, ocean-view suites, peaceful, classy, high security and in a world of its own. I would recommend it to anyone looking for peace and serenity away from the busy Seminyak streets. As despite the fact that it’s located within walking distance from the main shopping and restaurant street, it’s very quiet and secluded so you won’t hear any noise or anything.

Having said that, I would consider staying at a different hotel on my next Bali trip. This is mainly because I felt that The Legian was too quiet and isolated from the rest of the island! The hotel guests were mostly older couples, families or groups of couples/families traveling together. When I went for breakfast on my own, I was getting strange looks or looks of pity from both the staff and the guests. Little did they know that I actually enjoy my own company and I don’t mind having breakfast alone every day! LOL

They just thought it was weird and they couldn’t comprehend it. I think it’s also because I have an old soul. So I tend to act and live like an older person, when I’m not in that age gap. I think that’s partly why people don’t understand why I behave in a certain way. They think that I’m lonely, but in fact I’m just enjoying some me-time on an island getaway, while taking pictures and mental notes for my luxury travel blog!

Where would I stay on my next Seminyak trip? I’m considering the newly opened Alila Seminyak. It’s actually located within five minutes or so from The Legian, is right by the beach and has a very cool and hip vibe to it. How do I know? I watched my last Seminyak beach sunset from their uber chic and happening beach bar. I’ll be sharing pictures from that evening in my upcoming ‘Where to Eat and Drink in Seminyak’ post. So stay tuned for that 🙂

Saudi Diva signing off XXX

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