Vegetarian Eating in Bali: Nutritious, Healthy Fare in Seminyak

While growing up in Saudi, we would eat all sorts of local and International dishes at home. Like other Arab countries, our diet was based on a big amount of protein with rice being a stable side dish. Since moving out of home, I managed to eat less rice and carbs. I completely cut those from my diet when vegetarian eating in Bali during my first Bali trip in October of last year.

Eating in Bali

Following a plant-based or completely vegetarian diet has been challenging for me. I tried to cut meat from my diet many times. However, I always found myself having some seafood or chicken with almost every lunch. I think my body is simply used to it. As such, I’m finding it difficult to rely on vegetables solely.
However, vegetarian eating in Bali is easy. Eating healthily and cutting out meat completely from one’s diet becomes a piece of cake. While I was in Canggu, I had a certain number of healthy cafes that I would frequent for lunch, dinner or a post-workout smoothie. They were all serving organic, tasty and top quality food.

Seminyak Eating Out Recommendations

In Seminyak, there’s only one café that I can recommend for healthy, raw or vegan dishes. Canggu has better healthy eateries than Seminyak. That’s why when in hustling Seminyak, you will find me at Earth Café Bali almost daily. I love having a nutritious lunch teamed with their signature green juice.
There are two dishes that I like to eat there. I either go for the chickpea burger (in a wrap instead of a bun) with a side of sweet potato fries. Alternatively, I have the yummy and super healthy Planet Platter. Based on Macrobiotic principles, the planet platter is a perfectly balanced meal that features: brown rice, two daily changing protein dishes, seaweed, pickled salad and greens.
You can either order a half portion for 55k or a normal one for 85k. Being a real foodie, I always go for the normal portion. Yum!
I tried the Planet Platter on three different occasions, but I only took pictures of two of those variations. The below dish includes: brown rice, pressed salad, boiled greens, grilled tofu Italiano, Russian baked beans and Wakame salad. Simply divine!

eating in bali

This super fresh and healthy eating spot gets busy during lunch time, but you can always find a spot at the table facing the window. Another option would be to get your food in a takeaway box and eat at the bench outside the café and market.

Saudi Diva Tip

On your way out, check out Earth Café’s market and the fridge displays containing a plethora of raw desserts and snacks. From date and cacao balls to raw carrot cakes, trust me when I say that you will spend a good fifteen to twenty minutes trying to decide on what to get for your afternoon snack. Thank me later.

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