Avoid the Comparison Trap and Embrace Your Unique Journey

I’m still feeling the impact of the post-Mercury Retrograde shadow phase. This one was wild, and I’m so glad it ends by this month’s end.

If you didn’t read this post about living your best life now and not waiting to be in a relationship, you can read it here.

My dad was in town for about two weeks last month, and we got to eat out at cool places and share walks together.

I can say that my relationship with him is completely healed now. It was a long journey but worth every milestone.

The breakthrough came when we had ice cream at a newly opened Italian restaurant.

I remember working in an IT support center sometime in 2005 or 2006. One of the senior guys working there asked me: “Don’t you go out and share ice cream with your dad?”

Of course, our relationship wasn’t in a good place at that time. No, we were not sharing ice cream or spending quality time together.

Around 20 years later, we share great conversations and laughs over gourmet dishes at upscale restaurants.

We also went for lovely walks; the weather was perfect for that one month ago.

It’s a significant transformation, and I’m so proud of myself for committing to the healing and spiritual growth work.

Each Person’s Journey is Different

I wanted to highlight from sharing this story that we should always avoid the comparison trap by comparing our lives to others.

Each person’s journey is unique; you need to focus on yours.

I never thought that it would take me this long to heal my relationship with my dad, but I’m so grateful that I did.

I turn 43 this July, and although I would’ve liked to be in a healthy romantic relationship earlier, it wouldn’t have been possible.

Without doing the healing work and connecting with my true, authentic self, I would be living from my old self and vibration.

So I advise you to focus on your healing journey and do what feels right. We can never compare our lives to another person’s.

Let me know what stage you are at when healing your relationship with your caregivers and the masculine energy specifically.

Here’s a picture from last month’s lovely ice cream date with my dad.



the comparison trap

Avoid the comparison trap and Focus on your journey

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