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This morning, I went to Dubai Mall. As an empath, malls aren’t the best places for me. They make me feel so anxious and I pick up all the energies and negative vibes.

If you’re an empath like me, then you’ll understand what I mean. I always aim for small and boutique everything.

Boutique hotels, homegrown restaurants, community centers where I can get things done in a small place.

But living in Dubai, I can’t avoid the big malls like Dubai Mall. And I’m the type of person who likes to see and choose their products. I’m very picky so that’s why I prefer to physically visit stores than shop online.

Something interesting happened in the past two Dubai Mall trips that I made.

Last week, the sales lady at a beauty store mentioned that I can shop online. Then today, after I paid for my stuff at Sephora, the sales guy at the cash counter told me that I can shop online. I asked him if everything was available online and he said that there’s even exclusive products online.

What does this mean? The Universe is sending me a message through these two sales people: Shop Online.

It’s a very clear message and I think that I’ll shop for my beauty products online from now on.

Reflection: When something shows up more than once for you, know that it’s a sign that you need to follow. You can apply this to everything in your life. Anything that shows up – through conversations with others/online/visual – more than once is a sign.

What Does Focusing on What you Don’t have Do?

In last week’s Manifestation Monday blog post, I spoke about the basic steps to manifest anything. You can read it here.

Today’s blog post is more about manifestation mistakes that people sometimes do.

I remember a story so vividly that relates to this topic. It was in the first year or so from when I moved to Dubai.

I was standing in a taxi queue – at another big mall!

In front of me was a couple. I somehow started a conversation with them. I’m the type who likes to talk to strangers in random places but I’m very selective with who I allow into my life. So when I’m out and about, I like to make small talk and learn about things and places and have random conversations.

The woman who was part of the couple was sharing with me how she and her husband were living in a studio. It was more like complaining and showing her dissatisfaction with her current situation. She was saying something along the lines that you open the door and then there’s a room and that’s it.

B.t.w. I lived in a small studio apartment for eight years before moving to my current one-bedroom apartment. So I know what it feels like to live in a tiny studio apartment.

The difference is that this woman was living in a studio with her husband. I honestly don’t remember her mentioning the size but I don’t think it was a small studio.

Of course at that moment, her partner looked upset and this is something that I felt strongly.

Men always need positive encouragement and approval. They don’t like to disappoint us and that’s a fact.

So when this woman was showing her lack of appreciation to what the man provided, he was hurt.

The point of this blog post is not to talk about understanding men and how they function ?

I just felt that this was a major part of this story and I wanted to share this tip with you.

The reason that I share this story is to highlight the importance of gratitude in manifesting your dream life.

I think we all have different life paths. And the fact that mine involved living in a toxic home made me appreciate my private studio apartment a lot more than that woman. Although I have no idea what her life path was like – I’m just sharing how I feel.

The problem with focusing on what you don’t have – lack – is that it creates more of that lack in your life.

How this Applies to Being Single

If you keep focusing on the fact that you’re single and don’t have a partner, then your reality will keep reflecting that lack.

Instead, focus on all the good things in your life. Simple things like being healthy and alive. Having a place to live in.

Although it’s been a decade since that incident with the couple at the taxi queue, I still remember the story because of its impact on that woman’s life.

In those days, I wasn’t a certified Life Coach or a Manifestation guru, but I always understood the importance of gratitude and how it attracts abundance and wonderful things into one’s life.

You can read this old blog post to discover why you shouldn’t focus on what you don’t have and how it impacts your manifesting.

Next week, I’ll share another story about gratitude and I want to hear your thoughts on the topic!

Happy Manifestation Monday!

A Grateful Heart

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