5 Big Signs You Are About to Manifest Your Soulmate

You have meditated on it.

All of your affirmations and visualizing has been completed.

You have even been doing inner child work.

Now, when will you manifest your soulmate to show up in real life?

manifest your soulmateWe all want to love and be loved, and finding your ultimate soulmate can be one of the most fulfilling experiences. However, most of us go through several relationships. Some are good, some bad. This happens before finally meeting The One – that person with whom you connect at a soul level.

Attracting your ideal partner requires doing a lot of inner work to release deep-seated blocks and limiting beliefs. Even then, there is no telling exactly when he will come into your life. The truth is you should not be concerned about the when because that is really out of your control.

When you start obsessing about time, you are already creating blocks to manifesting your soulmate. Just know that your perfect mate will come to you at the right moment, right on time. Your job is to keep working on yourself and trusting the guidance from the Universe. If it is any motivation, your soulmate is also waiting for you to show up in his life!

As soon as you set the intention to manifest your soulmate, the Universe went into full-gear to make it happen for you. As you wait for him to show up in real life, the Universe will send you subtle signs. It is up to you to pick up on these signs and continue calling out to your perfect partner until they appear in your life.

The Universe is infinite, and it will send you any number of signs. Below are just a few of the signs the Universe might send you letting you know that you are about to manifest your soulmate:

Unexpected Opportunities Present Themselves

manifest your soulmate

manifest your soulmate

If you have been doing inner work, you already know that the real magic happens when you dare to step outside of your comfort zone. Whether you want to climb up the ladder in your career, get in shape, or attain financial stability, you have to leave your comfort zone behind and do things differently for you to see different results.

It is the same thing with relationships—if you are ready to manifest your ideal partner, you cannot sit at home doing the same things you have always been doing. Closing yourself off to the world is not going to help your ideal partner show up. You have to do the work, and this requires you to start saying yes more often, especially to opportunities that involve meeting new people.

Have you come across a poster at your gym about a weekend retreat? Or while browsing online you see an event that is taking place close to you? If this is something you feel good about doing, the chances are good that you are being guided closer and closer to your soulmate. So, jump on the opportunity and attend the retreat or event – you never know what might come out of it.

Are you receiving unexpected invitations to places, events, or activities?

This could also be another way the Universe is nudging you toward the direction of your soulmate. Unexpected invitations or ideas that resonate with you are the Universe’s way of encouraging you to expand, grow, and experience the endless possibilities available.

Always try to explore new opportunities, experiences and ideas that feel good to you. Some things might be out of your comfort zone in that you haven’t dabbled in them before, but now that they have been put in your path, why not give them a try!

You Experience an Awakening After Tremendous Pain 

manifest your soulmateHave you been caught up in a pattern of addictive but equally tumultuous relationships? You are not alone—many people have. Unfortunately, some of us never break free from these patterns. This is usually because we haven’t yet got to a place of doing the inner work required to release the blocks to a healthy relationship.

However, at a certain point, usually triggered by the intense pain of a nasty breakup or betrayal, an unexpected awakening might dawn on you. This prompts you to realize that you can no longer be part of an unhealthy love pattern.

The kind of people you previously found yourself in unhealthy patterns with no longer appeal to you. You might find that the behaviors you once tolerated and normalized in a partner are no longer tolerable.

This kind of awakening might be a painful and confusing one because your soul is pulling you in one direction, toward your Highest Good. However, your ego is pulling you in the other direction urging you to remain in that familiar pattern. Despite the confusion, when this awakening comes to you, you will know. But it is up to you to make the decision which way you want to go.

The awakening is a sign that a particular phase of your dating life is coming to an end. It is time to open yourself up to a healthy, nurturing relationship with your soulmate who is equally waiting for you to get ready to receive them.

Whichever way the awakening comes to you, use this time to forgive yourself and your past partners entirely. This will make way for your new and healthy relationship with your partner. Difficult as it might be to do, forgiveness is essential to releasing blocks to love. Forgiving past partners doesn’t mean that you condone any of their bad or hurtful behavior. It’s really about letting them go and not clinging to negative feelings of bitterness, anger, or revenge.

When you forgive yourself and your past partners, you are emptying yourself of all the toxicity of the past. You are readying yourself to be filled with the love that you and your soulmate are just about to share.

You Are Almost Giving Up on Finding True Love


manifest your soulmate

Have you noticed, probably in other areas of your life, that when you are just about to give up, things turn around? What you wanted comes to you, and sometimes it is even better than you had asked for?

It is the same thing with love. Even after doing everything you possibly can to manifest your soulmate, you might find yourself meeting all these people that are not quite a match. The entire process may exhaust you, and you may feel like you should probably stop trying to manifest. When this happens, take this as a sign that your beloved is on their way. This is contradictory evidence.

Why would you pay attention to contradictory evidence? Isn’t it silly to expect something good to come when all the evidence is telling you it is time to give up? Well, there is something miraculous about giving up. Giving up pushes you to surrender. You must let go of your expectations and give way for the Universe to deliver what you asked for.

Sometimes when we are so caught up in trying to manifest something, we can get in our own way. We can block what we are asking for from making its way to us. So, when you feel like you want to give up on love, don’t give in to the urge. Know that your soulmate is almost on his way. Send messages out to the Universe telling him you are waiting for him.

Something else to note is that when you are receiving contradictory evidence, it might be a sign that you need to get more precise about the kind of partner you want to manifest. As the Universe is always responding to you, when you send mixed messages, you will receive mixed answers.

Instead of giving up on love, take this moment to get clear about what you want in a partner. Only when you are clear about what you want will you attract exactly what you want.

You Notice Interesting Coincidences

The Universe ‘speaks’ to us in whispers and subtle coincidences. The impending arrival of your soulmate might be signaled by a particular song that keeps playing everywhere you go, for example. If you keep hearing the same song at your favorite café, then from your neighbor’s house, and when you turn on the radio is no coincidence. If you look and listen carefully, you might find a hidden message that resonates with you.

It’s not just songs. Other seemingly strange coincidences might come about. For example, have you ever thought of someone you are interested in? Then almost immediately someone close to him calls you and unknowingly invites you to the same event and invited your soulmate to.

Signs from the Universe may also come in the form of symbols that you might recognize. For example, a specific bird species that at some point, meant something to you might start to visit you every time you sit on the patio. Or, you might begin to notice certain numbers or objects that previously weren’t in your view. Follow the breadcrumbs if you may, they might lead you to meet the great love of your life.

Do you have romantic dreams quite often these days? You may or may not recognize the people in your dreams. However, you might wake up feeling extremely joyful, satisfied, and at peace. When your soulmate is just about to appear physically in your life, their essence might show up in your dreams. This is to prepare you for their arrival.

Another sign that you are just about to manifest your soulmate is experiencing déjà vu—a sense that you have met them before even though you haven’t. It could be that you see their photo for the first time or your eyes lock at the park as you go about your business. Yet you feel like your soul is completely drawn to them and like you know them from somewhere else.

Well, according to reincarnation theories, we make numerous soul contracts before taking on a physical body. The experience of déjà vu is, therefore, a reminder of the soul contract our soul made with another soul. Many say that when you encounter your soulmate, it feels like you have known them for a long time. That’s because you did know them in another lifetime!

You Feel a Deep Trust in the Universe

manifest your soulmate

manifest your soulmate

Manifestation unfolds when we are most at peace with ourselves and with all that there is. As you do the inner work necessary for manifesting your soulmate, you will come to a point where you experience an unshakeable trust in the Universe and its divine guidance.

An entirely reassuring faith will arise. You will not be overly concerned about timing or other such trappings. You will just have a deep inner, knowing that what you have asked for is on its way.

As you patiently await your soulmate, you will also feel centered, clear-minded, and free. The Universe provides endless possibilities – your soulmate, whoever they might be, will be perfect for you.

You will know that your soulmate is just about to show up when you have finally given up all notions of needing someone else to fix you. This is when you have taken back your power and have assumed responsibility for your happiness and well-being. You understand at an intuitive level that even the most perfect partner cannot heal you or be your source of joy. It is simply the case that your soulmate has been waiting for you to do the inner work necessary to make way for him.

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