2024 Goals: What will you do Differently?

What Didn’t Work in 2023

I’m a forward-thinker, so I rarely look back on the past year in retrospect. But because 2023 was a disappointing year, I had to reflect on what happened.

Although 2023 started with a phenomenal New Year’s Eve celebration at my Nicosia hotel, what happened in the rest of the year didn’t exactly reflect all the joy and happiness from those first few hours of the year. You can read about my 2023 New Year’s Eve dinner and party here.

Looking back, I realize that I didn’t take that positive energy with me throughout the year. It’s like I had a great New Year’s Eve celebration – my first proper New Year’s Eve. Everything matched my personality – the trio live jazz band, the DJ’s music choice, the venue and setting. As I said, it was an amazing start to the year, and then everything went downhill from there.

There’s no one to blame but myself. Because although I did all the spiritual work for manifesting my dream relationship, I wasn’t as invested in the grounded, physical-world action.

What I am Doing Differently

I want to share that although I signed up with one matchmaking agency at the start of 2023, I didn’t hear from them until I was in Bali this past summer. And it’s not because they had a match to introduce me to! It was to check if I was still single and to ask me to update my profile.

Shortly after I received a text message from the new matchmaker, I had a professional photo session at my Ubud hotel (talk about perfect timing). So I naturally updated my photos with more professional ones and signed up for another matchmaking agency I already knew about.

Looking back at that year, I also realized that the chances of being contacted by a matchmaking agency when I’m a free member are almost zero. I’m glad that it took me a year to know this because my six months in Bali were also an experiment to see if I could meet men in real life. Sign up for my Soul Collective blog, where I’ll discuss this topic this Sunday! Exciting!

The interesting thing about life is that it always unfolds exactly as it should. And you can’t rush anything.

So, after a year of being a free member with a U.S.-based matchmaking agency, I somehow came across another matchmaking agency that seemed aligned with my values and preferences. I applied, thinking that it would be another database to join. But they contacted me, and I chose to become a paid member.

Taking Inspired Action – The Missing Puzzle Piece

Although I was taking some steps to manifest my dream person and relationship, they may not have been entirely sufficient. For about five years, I had been a paid member of a UK-based agency. However, my approach lacked variety and relied too heavily on this single agency for results.

So, this year, I expanded my search by joining a couple of matchmaking agencies’ databases. If you’re wondering about how I decided on the location, it was all inspired by spiritual messages during my Bali move.

So, if you’re feeling lost or unsure, maybe it’s time for you to consider taking a big leap of faith – like I did!

You can feel inspired for what to do next by reading my latest Manifestation Monday blog post here.

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What do you feel was missing from your 2023, and what do you plan to do differently this year? What are your 2024 goals? Let me know in the comments!



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