Embracing the Power of Curiosity as Your Ultimate Life Hack!

I wrote a post about living with a growth mindset and stepping outside of your comfort zone. You can read it here.

Today is Indonesia’s 78th Independence Day. We’re in the New Moon energy. And we’re also experiencing Mercury Retrograde pre-shadow phase.

In this recent blog post, I shared about the powerful healing moments from my Airbnb stay next to a Balinese family home.

Apart from the beautiful healing and spiritual growth synchronicities, there has been a lot of growth in terms of stepping out of my comfort zone.

I can tell you that moving from a five-star luxury hotel partial ocean view room to an Airbnb studio in a small alley in the heart of Seminyak has been a deeply profound experience.

There was a lot of lifestyle adjustment to be done. I can’t stay out till late at night, because the two dogs and puppy bark a lot when any stranger (like GoJek driver arrives to the front door).

I had to explore and try out laundry options and I’m still in that process! I’ll be checking out a new laundry place tomorrow.

And that’s exactly where the growth comes in. Basically, by finding a good laundry place, I might continue doing my own laundry even after moving to a hotel. This is the beauty of stepping out of our comfort zones: we learn and we grow.

So in exactly two weeks (yes, I just checked the calendar today), I’ll be moving again – this time back to a hotel. The stay won’t be as upscale as my previous hotel, but it’s still going to be comfortable and nice.

I have to be honest with you and say that after two weeks of staying at a modern Airbnb studio, I feel depleted.

Although there has been so much healing in the form of encounters with the Balinese family and their kids, I also feel exhausted.

The main reason that I feel exhausted is that each day, I have to explore where to go for breakfast and lunch. Another reason is that the water pressure in the shower isn’t good enough for washing hair. So I tried out two hair salons and they were both misaligned. I know two good salons in the area and I’ll be going there soon. But just the whole process of exploring where to go for meals and for getting my hair washed and blow dried can be exhausting. It’s because I want to avoid disappointment and that’s simply not possible when you’re trying new places for the first time.

I’m so picky that even after two weeks of exploring different cafes, I still don’t have a favorite spot!

I actually like one place that makes amazingly healthy vegan and Gluten-free smoothie bowls. But I don’t like the idea of having smoothie bowls every day for breakfast. I’m an egg-dish breakfast kind of person. And that’s why I’m still looking for the best spot!

Of course, I found some spots where they have great egg dishes and GF bread. But then I don’t like the type of people the cafe attracts, so I don’t go back 🙂

I think that as we get older, we become even more picky and difficult with our choices.

I spend a lot of time each day reading reviews and planning the next day. Sometimes, I do this on the same day.

Lifestyle for me is a high personal value and I appreciate luxury experiences. I think the next Thursday Thoughts blog post will be about this topic: our personal values and how they shape our lives.

I actually have so many stories to share from my first month or so in Bali. Every time I step outside my place, there’s an inspiration for a story idea.

This morning, we had a good amount of rain for a few hours in Seminyak. I actually booked a car for the first time since arriving here about six weeks ago.

Today’s life hack or tip is to embrace the power of curiosity to help you get through the tough times. At least that what keeps me feeling optimistic and excited about life.

So even in the moments of feeling down, tired or lonely, I always keep a strong sense of curiosity and that’s what helps me get through another day.

I know that being single and living alone is not a walk in the park. But because I embrace life experiences with a sense of curiosity and a growth mindset, I can continue to feel optimistic.

Always remember that life is a journey of learning and growth. So try to not take things too seriously and enjoy the ride.

Let me know your thoughts and what dilemmas you’re experiencing at the moment. What are you struggling with right now?



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power of curiosity


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