Your Physical Space and Manifesting Love

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I feel so drained today because of the full moon energy. So I’ll keep this post super short.

When I used to live in a tiny studio apartment in my old neighborhood, my place was a real mess.

I had so many things that I was hoarding and there was clutter everywhere I looked.

This mess was a reflection of my inner world and the chaos that I was experiencing inside myself.

Then, after a couple of years if deep inner work, wellness retreats and spiritual growth workshops, my inner world shifted.

That’s also when I moved to a new bigger apartment in another area. But when I first moved, I was still in that habit of not really caring about my physical space.

I would hire a cleaning lady to visit once a month and do a deep cleaning. The rest of the time, I really left the place dirty and I wasn’t bothered.

Fast forward to when the pandemic started, I stopped bringing anyone to clean my place.

I started to do the cleaning on my own and I got better at it with each time. I still clean over a number of days and I don’t do the whole apartment at once. But this really shifted the way that I take care of myself and my space.

How this relates to Manifesting Love

I remember hearing a dating coach’s advice once about asking ourselves if the place where we live is comfortable for a man to live in. And as a manifestation coach, I want to extend this tip and explain how it works with the law of attraction.

To fast-track the manifestation process, you can act as if you already have your desire.

So think, act and feel as if you already have a partner and a healthy, loving relationship.

Part of this means that you create space in your home for that person. It’s like you already know that they’re living with you.

So instead of living and acting like a single person, you arrange things in a way that makes it feel like you’re part of a couple.

This is a powerful tip because the Universe speaks energy. And if your energy emits “I’m single and I live alone,” then you’ll keep creating that exact reality.

But try shifting this and acting and living in a place that hosts a couple. Do that in any way that resonates with you most.

For example, choose unisex colors for the bed and furniture. Instead of decorating your place in a feminine style, let it reflect a home where a couple lives.

You can get creative with this and leave space in your clothes wardrobe for a partner to keep his clothes and belongings.

You can even have a second toothbrush in the cup on your sink. Basically bring whatever you visualize your dream life to your current reality and living space.

Trust that by maintaining the cleanliness and tidiness of your home, you’re telling the Universe that you’re ready to receive a partner and a healthy, loving relationship.

Is your home clean and tidy? is there space for another person? do you think a partner would feel comfortable living with you?

Looking forward to hearing from you!


manifesting love

Your physical space and manifesting love

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