Why You Need to Let Your Emotions Flow – Even the Painful Ones

Today, I was feeling down for no reason. I just didn’t feel like I was in a good mood or energy.

Because I know that going outside for a walk will make me feel good, I chose to get dressed and go for a walk and coffee.

I usually feel these mood changes around the full moon and we’re not in that phase of the month. So I’m not sure what caused this.

What I do now is that I need to rest and just sit with my emotions and not push them away.

Growing up with mind-identified and career-focused parents, there was no space for emotions in our home.

I actually only learned how to truly feel my emotions about two and a half years ago! So don’t worry if you had a similar upbringing and conditioning to mine. You can always evolve and grow.

What Most People Do

Instead of feeling their emotions, most people resort to distractions or addictions to numb themselves.

I used to be one of these people and my distraction was eating – overeating basically.

Many people go for alcohol, TV, work or even social media.

Addictions don’t have to be major things like drugs or alcohol. Spending extended amounts of time on Instagram is a way of numbing yourself and is considered an addiction too.

What most people don’t know is that going through the negative emotions actually helps you get past that state faster!

When you distract or numb yourself, you’re just staying stuck in that low vibration and energy for a longer time.

What you can Do Instead

Let your emotions flow.

Practice feeling your entire range of emotions and not judging yourself for them.

If you’re sad, be sad. When you’re angry, be angry and maybe punch some pillow or scream.

If you’re tired or fed up, get some rest.

Sitting with your emotions – even the not peaceful ones – truly helps you get past that negative feeling and to the next in a very short amount of time.

It takes practice and it’s a healthy thing to do.

Let Your Emotions Flow for a Higher Frequency

This is a very important tool for manifestation. Although being in a positive and high vibration is essential for manifesting your dream life or dream partner, it’s actually healthy to honor the times when you’re not in that energy so you can get to the higher vibe later.

So instead of fighting or numbing the negative emotions and getting stuck in that frequency for a longer time, practice feeling them to their entirety when they show up.

That’s how you can move past them and get to the next higher vibrational state.

I hope that my post was helpful and that you can start practicing sitting with your bad emotions when they come up.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments!


Let your emotions flow

Let your emotions flow

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