Is Law of Attraction Real? The Universe Will Test You on your Manifestation

Happy Manifestation Monday!

I’m truly enjoying sharing the steps and insights of the law of attraction on my Instagram stories this week.

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Today, I wanted to talk about one of the steps of the manifestation process.

Is Law of Attraction Real?

Did you know that the Universe tests you?

This is where most people give up and think that the law of attraction is not working for them.

What happens is that the Universe will send you back-to-back tests to see if you truly believe in your vision and your worthiness of it.

When dating and manifesting a partner, this looks like potential dates who either have nothing to do with what you asked for or have some of the traits – not all – of what you want.

This phase can be worrying for those who are not so sure about the law of attraction. Because when you’re not aware that it’s part of the process, you start to think that your desire is not coming and you can’t see a way for it to happen.

I must admit that I experienced this myself in the past six months or so.

I was working with a matchmaker to get dates and throughout this phase, she presented me with profiles that were either not aligned with what I wanted or had a lot of aspects but not quite right!

Because I’m someone who’s naturally solution-focused and NLP-certified, these tests didn’t shake up my belief in the law of attraction. I just kept saying no and ignoring the profiles that weren’t a match to what I asked for.

One tip to consider is to not give attention or energy to those contradictory profiles. Just keep focusing on what you want and saying no to what’s not a match to that!

This is what sorting in dating is all about! so it’s a natural part of the dating process and manifestation journey.

Don’t Settle For Less

Another thing that some people will do in this phase is settle or change their mind about what they asked the Universe for.

So they will settle for less than what they want because they don’t believe that they can actually get it.

This is why life coaches like me exist. Our job is to help you release the limiting beliefs that are standing in your way of manifesting your dream life.

As an NLP-certified life coach, this is my specialty and what I was trained to do.

The Universe wants to know if you’re ready to receive your desire and if you truly feel worthy of it.

It’s basically a way for the Universe to ask you: “Are you sure that this is what you want?”

Passing the tests is such an exciting phase but it can be confusing to many people.

It can make you doubt the law of attraction and that it can work for you. So you end up giving up and going back to where you started.

Depending on your sense of worth and what you’re looking for in a partner, this phase can take up to six months!

Change Your Life

The way to navigate it is to keep holding on to your vision and saying no to anything that doesn’t reflect it.

That’s it for today’s post. Feel free to comment with any questions that you might have.

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Is Law of Attraction Real?

Is Law of Attraction Real? The Universe will test you

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