Your Person isn’t Living in Survival Mode

I don’t know about you but these past two months were transformational ones. I’ve had so many major breakthroughs that I’ll be sharing with you in separate blog posts.

One of these breakthroughs is realizing that I can’t expect to manifest a loving relationship when I’m still living in survival mode.

Basically, after doing the deep inner work in fall of 2018 and then in winter of 2019, I spent a lot of time in hibernation.

I was hiding from the world and I simply wanted to be left alone. This feeling was predominantly how the past two years of the pandemic were for me. The processing of this deep work took longer than I thought it would.

To be clear, I did one week of inner child group therapy sessions, followed by another week of tantra (sexual deconditioning). Both types of work were done in a group setting and the healing involved energy work and sharing.

Since then, I’ve been integrating the work in my dreams, in real life and in having major self-realizations.

Another powerful thing that came out of inner child work is healing the relationship with my dad. There will be an entire chapter on this topic in my ebook. The ebook is now ready for final revisions and then design, before it will be up on my site. You can sign up for updates and get a free manifestation guide here.

Self-actualization and living in alignment with my true self is another wonderful result of inner child therapy work. I now dress like my true self, act like that real version of me and I prioritize myself in relationships and connections.

The flip side of doing the deep work that I did over 2018 and 2019 was that I needed a lot of space to integrate. A tarot card reader who I had a reading with in February 2020 in Bali told me this: “You’re not living your best life. You feel stuck.”

The reading took place four months after I did inner child therapy work. And although I couldn’t see what she meant back then, I now understand clearly what she meant.

That tarot card reader was also intuitive and that’s why her reading was so accurate.

Well, I can say that only in the past month or so, I started to feel like I can go out again in the world and live a normal life. I signed up for a new fitness studio. Also, I started to connect with others. It feels good to have the headspace for activities other than staying home and integrating the work 😹

It’s been a long journey but it was worth every moment and every single breakthrough.

Living from a place of feeling stuck doesn’t support manifesting a relationship or your dream life.

When manifesting your person, think about this: “Is this person living from a victim mindset?” If the answer is no, then your energy won’t be lined up with them if you’re still living from that place.

At the same time, I encourage you to be gentle with yourself. So if you’re not ready to step out of victim mindset, then don’t push yourself to do so.

I just wanted to share with you one of the manifestation blocks that I myself experienced. I only realized this lately.

That living in survivor mode isn’t aligned with manifesting a healthy and loving relationship. Because when you script your dream life, you script a life where you’re thriving (whatever it is that you’re doing) and living your life to the fullest.

I think I will end the blog post here because we’re still feeling the Full Moon in Libra energy. So it’s good to take things easy and to rest.

Today, I’m feeling grateful for manifesting a new fitness studio and a cool dance class that I plan to try out soon.

What did you manifest lately?

Next week’s Manifestation Monday blog post will be another breakthrough post. I will share with you why manifesting love is more challenging than manifesting other stuff like a book coach, a fitness studio or a functional medicine doctor 🙂

What other challenges are you facing when manifesting a healthy and loving relationship?

Let me know in the comments!


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