Why you Should Keep Growing and Evolving

I wrote a Thursday Thoughts blog post last week about how you can make the most of being single. And how you can see this phase as a valuable opportunity for growth and finding your true self.

Today’s story is related to the topic of growing as a person while you’re single and living alone.

A couple of years ago, I had an online reading with a psychic who uses akashic records for readings. It’s a great way to get insight into your past life and other areas of your background and history.

When I asked her specifically about when I would meet my person or how I will meet my life partner, she replied that I’m still growing and evolving as a person. Of course when she told me this, I was very unhappy and I didn’t like her answer at all.

Fast forward a few years later and that phrase of hers now resonates with me so much! She was absolutely right because I had to go through different phases to find my true, authentic self.

Your Spiritual Seeker Self is not Who you are in Essence

After about six years of deep and profound healing and spiritual growth work, I realized something major.

That version of me who was eating mostly vegan food, attending all sorts of wellness and healing workshops and retreats, focused on wellness travel, founder of a life coaching business and all of that, was not who I am in essence!

This was simply a phase and part of my healing journey. And it was who I had to be before I uncovered my true self.

So although my super spiritual and life coach self was not me, it was an essential part of my journey to becoming my true self.

You might wonder who I discovered myself to be. Let me share a few things.

In essence, I’m a free-spirited bohemian soul. I was always a writer. But family and societal conditioning gets in the way.

About an hour ago, I informed the company that renews my business license that I won’t be renewing the license for another year.

After doing inner child therapy work, every aspect of myself that was not me had to fall apart. This includes old friends and people.

I’m getting ready to publish my ebook, where I share my personal journey and all the lessons that got me to where I am today.

You can sign up here for updates on when it’s published.

It’s funny how the Universe sends us messages through other people. I once had someone who I randomly met on a social networking site tell me: “You’re not a real Sanyasin.”

Although I wasn’t sure why he said that at the time, I now completely agree with him that I’m not an Osho Sanyasin. This was also a phase in my healing journey.

Although I like my Sanyasin name “Leela” and I’ll be using it for the ebook, I found myself now going back to using my original name “Nada” when speaking to people.

Healing is messy and can be confusing. But it’s also very rewarding – especially when you finally make it to the other side!

So if you’re still in your healing journey and are confused about who you are in essence, hang in there and keep on searching.

Although we’re constantly growing and evolving, I truly feel that I’m at a place where I’m finally feeling like I’ve uncovered my true, authentic self.

It feels different when you’re confident and solid in your identity and personality.

Let me know if you have any thoughts or ideas for upcoming Thursday Thoughts blog posts.


Growing and Evolving

Growing and Evolving: Finding your true self

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