Why the Law of Assumption is Most Powerful if Raised in a Toxic Home

I wrote a blog post recently about how I discovered the law of assumption after years of practicing the law of attraction.

If you missed that story, you can read it here.

I want to continue that post by sharing why the law of assumption is more potent than the law of attraction. That’s especially true for those of us who were raised in toxic home environments.

Let me explain…

When we grow up with abuse or toxicity, our thought patterns become so negative. It’s like the default setting of our inner world is negative. If you bring awareness to your self-talk and inner dialogue, you will notice that you have back-to-back limiting thought patterns and beliefs.

When we use the law of attraction to manifest love, we often attract toxic personalities because the law of attraction is all about attracting who we are, not what we want. We keep magnetizing negative experiences or people.

This is where the law of assumption comes in. By using our consciousness to create positive thoughts and experiences, we can shift our reality and create new experiences. The law of assumption breaks the pattern of negativity and limiting beliefs that we may have developed over time.

By using affirmations and noticing our thoughts, we can shift our reality and create new experiences. This powerful manifestation approach helps us to break free from our past and create a brighter future. With practice and dedication, the law of assumption can be a transformative tool for anyone, regardless of background or upbringing.

Think of it as reversing what the law of attraction does. Instead of creating from the inside out, we’re creating from the outside!

Does all this make sense? Let me know if you have any questions.

I’ll share more insights about the law of assumption once I finish reading a book on the topic.

Until then, happy Manifesting!



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The law of assumption

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