Looking for Love: Why Looking for your Person is Counter-productive

This morning, I experienced back-to-back strange incidents. I’m also still having really vivid and bad dreams each night.

My guess is that the post-retrograde shadow phase is just as bad as the retrograde period itself. How are you feeling?

I wanted to share a story about why looking for your person doesn’t work when using the law of attraction to manifest a relationship.

It was the start of the pandemic and I was part of a Facebook group for dating and relationships. I was engaging in a post and one of the women from the group commented with: “let him find you” in response to something I said.

At that time, her words didn’t resonate with me so much. And I immediately thought, true. But if I want any man to find me, I need to make myself visible. That’s the analytical mind that’s not really effective when using the law of attraction.

Why is looking for love not an effective strategy?

Let me explain to you why looking for your person only pushes them away from you. Since the law of attraction is all about ‘like’ energy attracting ‘like’ energy, when you’re ‘looking’ for something, it implies that you don’t have it. This leads to you attracting more of the energy of lack. And this creates the same energy in your life – not having something.

It’s really as simple as that. So if you want to manifest a relationship, you want to feel as if you have everything that you could possibly need in life. Instead of acting from a place of scarcity or lack, act from an energy of abundance.

You can do this by living your best life and not focusing on what’s missing and on ‘not having’ something – i.e. a partner.

Another reason why looking for your person is ineffective is the fact that this process repels your desire. Since the Universe is already working for you, when you act from a place of mistrust and desperation, you’re interfering with the manifestation process and are delaying it. It’s how the law of attraction works.

What you can do instead

Instead of looking for your person, feel the love that’s already present within you and in your life. Activate that love vibration and live life to the fullest. Trust that your person will show up and that you don’t need to force anything.

I’ll be talking more about the difference between the energy of wanting and trust in a future post.

I’ll keep this blog post short because I have to start packing for a two-week trip.

Stay tuned for new posts from a fresh location and some travel blogs.

Are you experiencing any strange incidents these days? Are you having vivid and strange dreams? How are you feeling?


Looking for love

looking for love: law of attraction basics

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