Where to have Coffee in Alassio: Volta Cafe Review

It’s Travel Tuesday, and I realized I’m one of the few tourists who visited Alassio – the off-the-beaten-path part of Liguria. I’ve written a few blog posts about this magical summer destination, but I know I have more to share.

Also, since I wrote about my one-month trip to Campania, I don’t have any new travel destinations to blog about.

So, in the next few weeks, I’ll share insider tips from Alassio and the Lake Como area – where I spent a few days in June.

When I travel, I like to go slow and spend a long time in one town or place. This way, I explore it deeper and truly immerse myself in its culture. Another reason is that by staying in one place longer, you increase your chances of meeting new people.

Slow travel is my thing – what about you?

Best Specialty Cafe in Alassio

When a place feels aligned, you find your favorite spots from day one or two. And that’s precisely what happened to me in Alassio.

You can read a blog post about this topic here. Alassio was a special place for me for many reasons and on many levels. I’ll talk more about this in a future blog post.

For now, let me share with you the best cafe in town: Volta. Volta is a pasticceria and speciality coffee shop on a small street in town. The cafe is cosy and small, and the owners are so friendly. This cafe is where the locals go for their morning coffee fixes.

I made three trips to Volta. The first was to try their coffee after reading the fantastic reviews. The second one was to try their freshly baked cornetto on a day when I chose to skip breakfast at the hotel. And the last one was to take my Italian friend Adele to the place. Adele is from Lake Como, which I’ll be showing you in the next few weeks.

Volta is also where I learned that tipping in Italy is not a thing. My friend Adele returned my coins to me while we were paying for our Shakerato at Volta. It was a very important lesson as I gave tips throughout my time in Alassio!

You only tip in Italy if you are impressed with the service. But in general, tipping is not essential or expected. It’s not something that you need to do. You can tip, of course, but it will also make you look like a tourist.

In future posts, I’ll share insider tips about Italian culture and life. For now, enjoy some of my best shots at Volta cafe in Alassio – where the locals go each morning for their espresso or cappuccino!


Coffee in Alassio

Coffee in Alassio: Volta cafe Alassio


Coffee in Alassio

Volta cafe Alassio


Beautiful presentation.


Volta cafe Alassio


Busy at work


Coffee in Alassio

Coffee in Alassio: Volta Cafe Alassio

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