Effortless Manifestation when the Place Feels Aligned

I’ve been MIA for some time because I was exploring northern Italy with a friend for a couple of days.

If you read my latest blog post, you will know that I was in the coastal town of Alassio for about 11 days. You can read the latest blog post here.

Apart from the fact that the town is the perfect spot for a summer getaway, it also has a low-key small-town, local vibe to it. And this is why I fell in love with Alassio in western Liguria. The place, the people and the vibe completely matches my personality.

Effortless Manifestation

What I noticed when I was there was that finding my favorite cafe, bar or beach club was a breeze. I mentioned in a previous post how I discovered my favorite spots from day one and two of exploring the town!

Manifestation becomes so easy and effortless when you feel aligned with the place and people. And that’s exactly how I felt throughout my entire time in Alassio.

Not only are the cafes, bars and restaurants a match to my personality, even the boutiques there sold clothes and accessories that match my style! It felt so magical to be in that energy.

Wherever I looked, everything seemed to match my style and vibe. The way the people dressed, the hidden cafes, the cozy bars and the chic beach clubs. Everything was just perfect.

This unique experience made me feel that I don’t need to force anything in life. I looked back at how in a city like Dubai, I try to find my places but it’s always a struggle. Because the city has a totally different vibe to my personalty and soul essence.

I feel grateful that I manifested this trip and this wonderful Italian coastal town. All I did was follow my intuition and it led me there.

I’ll leave you with some pictures from my favorite cafes, bar, beach club and lunch spot.

Stay tuned for a complete review of the town and the places that I recommend in a future Travel Tuesday blog post.

Did you have a similar experience where you went somewhere and everything felt so aligned? Let me know in the comments!


Muretto di Alassio


Effortless Manifestation

Aperitivo at La Vela


Effortless Manifestation

Muretto di Alassio


Effortless Manifestation

Dessert and coffee at Kioskito


Daily specials at Kioskito


Effortless Manifestation

La Vela Aperitivo


Pre-beach day macchiato at Bar Peppino


Bagni Costa in Alassio


Effortless Manifestation

Effortless Manifestation in Volta cafe in Alassio


Bagni Costa beach vibes


Dessert of the day at Kioskito


Volta cafe pastry haven


Alassio beach club vibes


Muretto di Alassio vibes


Volta cafe breakfast vibes

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