Your Superpower: What you Hate about yourself might be your Core Gift

I’ll keep this blog post short, because we’re still in the Full Moon and post-Mercury Retrograde shadow period.

It’s been a week since I arrived to Alassio in Italy. I honestly don’t know how I will leave this place in a couple of days.

Everything feels so aligned with my personality and the people are very kind and genuine. The weather and nature are just perfect.

As I shared in the first post from Alassio, I managed to discover my favorite spots within a day or two of arriving in this beautiful coastal town. You can read that blog post here.

What’s interesting is that I found these places on my own and they weren’t really recommended to me by anyone. Except for one beach club, all of the spots that I love were places that I came across while walking around town.

Your Superpower and Core Gift

Until now, I actually hate the fact that I have to figure everything out on my own. Solo travel is something that I do because I have no other choice. In the same way that I don’t choose to lead with my masculine energy, I also don’t choose to explore a destination on my own and find out the spots that resonate with me. This is simply how my life path has always been and I doubt that it will change until I’m in a healthy and loving relationship.

This trip, I had a different perspective on this way of living and engaging with life. I realized that what I hate the most about myself (uncovering the best spots on my own) is actually one of my core gifts.

I feel like discovering the soulful places that match my personality is actually a really cool quality. It’s a superpower in many ways.

Instead of seeing it as a challenge or a dark side of my life and personality, I started to make peace with it and see it from a different lens.

Do you have a side of your personality or life situation that you don’t accept? Are you able to maybe see it in a positive light?

What you feel is the most frustrating aspect of your life, could be a great quality that you can cherish and embrace. What is your true superpower?

Let me leave you with some snapshots from the past week in Alassio. I’ll be writing a complete guide for the coastal town soon!


Focaccia con pomodoro


Dessert at Ristorante Babette


Macchiato at Volta cafe


Your Superpower

Messages from the Universe at an Alassio promenade cafe


your superpower

Pastry perfection at Volta cafe


your superpower

Bagni Serre snack spot


Aperitivo o’clock at La Vela


Alassio Beach club umbrellas

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