Wellness Wednesday: Healing Tips: The Only Way Out is In

Happy Wellness Wednesday Tribe!

Today’s post is inspired by my ten-year anniversary of living in Dubai.

This is not just a personal post because what I’m about to say will affect you as well.

When I took the flight from London to Dubai on April 1 in 2010, I had one main goal: to become financially independent. I wanted to detach from my dysfunctional and toxic family.

Fast forward ten years later. I still didn’t achieve that goal. However, what I gained instead was far more important and valuable.

This is not just a post about how I developed and evolved as a person. It’s about how the only way to heal any type of wound is to go through it. You can’t just run away from it.

Since moving to Dubai, I’ve learned so many life lessons. I’ve made some amazing friends. Most importantly, I’ve healed my deep childhood wounds and issues.

Healing Tips: Running Away Doesn’t Resolve Anything

When I left home for good in the summer of 2009 (I was in London for about eight months taking a course at London College of Fashion), I thought that if I went no contact with every single member of the family (except my dad and the housekeeper who I also cut connection with her in later years because she was the messenger for the narcissistic abusive mother), that I would be OK and I would find peace and joy. Wrong!

Healing doesn’t work that way. In order to heal any past wound, the only way is to confront it. You must feel the pain and all the range of negative emotions that come with it.

So after years of unhealthy coping mechanisms, denying the pain and focusing on the positive side of things, I started my healing journey and went deep into it.

You can find posts related to the main steps that helped me in my healing journey on this blog. Here’s the first post from that series of posts.

Lesson number one: You need to do the inner work required to grow spiritually and release old wounds and pain.

It’s not about the money, it’s the Energy Behind it

The reason that I had money blocks is because I was focused on making money to detach from the toxic background and family. Well that’s what creates resistance and pushes income further away.

Everything is energy and so is money. What I learned is that I have to want to help others and contribute to their lives more than wanting to make income out of the service.

In the past, there was no space for this mindset because I had a lot of healing to do.

Now that I’m at a better place emotionally and spiritually, I can give more to others and extend a helping hand and support.

Lesson number two: Think about how you can help others and contribute to the world – make that your focus instead of the monetary return that you can generate.

A Relationship with yourself is the Foundation to Everything

As I said, I had to focus on my own personal healing journey before I could get to a place where I can help others.

And that’s where I am headed. I feel like I had to do a lot of inner work before I can add value to other people in the best way that I can.

One of my intentions for the year 2020 was to discover my gift to the world and how I can add value to others.

That’s why I’m spending my self-isolation time in loving myself, nurturing my inner child and feeling all my emotions.

Because until I can feel at peace with myself and have a solid and healthy connection to my soul, I can’t really offer much to others.

You can read my latest post with my personal – and powerful – self-isolation tips here.

Lesson number three: The relationship that you have with your soul is the mirror to all other relationships, including romantic ones. The next time you meet someone interesting, look closely and try to understand why you attracted them. It’s a game-changer when you can see that every single relationship you have is only reflecting the one that you have with yourself.

Living in a City that doesn’t Resonate with my Soul Essence

This point may trigger some readers. But the truth is that my tribe will get this.

Dubai as a city is the exact contrast of my soul essence. My authentic self matches a place like Bali. Very raw, real, free-spirited and natural.

Why am I living here then?

Well apart from the fact that I don’t need a visa to stay here long-term, I believe it’s because I have a responsibility to do.

My role is to help as many souls (who are ready) to get to the next level of their consciousness.

Many people who live in this region (or people in general) find me un-readable. This is because their mindset is focused on the lack or limitations of everything. Also, light-workers like me tend to trigger those who are not yet ready to step into the next level or do any kind of inner work to begin with.

I don’t try to reach to everyone. My tribe will find me and will resonate with my story and will want to work with me.

Lesson number four:

You are not born to please everyone or to get along with every soul on this planet.

You have a purpose and when you find it, your tribe will find you too. So keep exploring your soul purpose and allow it to shine through everything you do.

Future Plans for Soul Collective

Soul Collective is my Dubai-based Life Coaching company. It’s officially registered and you can read client testimonials here.

A new client testimonial is coming up soon. I will also share with you my future plans as they develop.

You can subscribe to the Soul Collective newsletter and get a Free Guide on how to attract synchronicity and manifest faster.

To give you an idea, I plan to launch the membership site this June. It will cover specific topics.

There will be daily mini training videos and a forum where we can connect and discuss topics.

I would like to know what topics would you like to have for the launch? What specific area do you need the most support with?

The reason that I take my time in career decisions is because I believe in balance. I’m a Life Coach who walks the talk.

I won’t tell you that I can help you with all areas of life when I’m an entrepreneur who spends the entire day and night working on the business and on taking the next steps.

I also try to spend five hours only a day in front of the computer screen (which doesn’t always happen and I end up spending more).

Lesson number five:

Try to invest time and energy in all areas of your life.

Avoid focusing on one area too much. The truth is that they are all related and everything goes back to inner work and spiritual growth!

I end this healing tips post with some pictures from an old photo-shoot in Dubai and wishes that you are staying safe, healthy and positive!




healing tips

Healing tips: Reflections on living in Dubai for a decade.


healing tips

There’s a reason behind everything. Healing Tips.


healing tips

healing tips: The future looks bright for Soul Collective

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