Stop Taking Things Personally – Perception is Projection

I’m grateful that I’m working from home today because I feel so depleted and exhausted.

I don’t know about you but this Mercury Retrograde was intense. I had an international shipment get lost in transit at the start of the retrograde season. And today, I’m following up on a local shipment that seems to also have been lost in transit!

So my retrograde season ended in the same way it started! with lost shipments and courier confusion!

Add to that the Full Moon in Capricorn energy and you have a very emotional and frustrating week.

I’m really looking forward to the end of this intense energy season in early July.

So many powerful transformations happened too. Did you experience any spiritual growth or change in this season?

Why You Should Stop Taking Things Personally

I want to share a simple story that explains the concept of perception is projection. And next week, I’ll share a more personal one.

Basically, each encounter you have with any human being is simply a projection of their own beliefs, thoughts and life outlook.

I wrote about this NLP concept earlier and you can read that blog post here.

Let me share the incident that happened last Thursday morning.

I passed by a smoothie bar at a mall food hall. It wasn’t a casual food court, it was a fancy one like the ones they have in Europe.

I share this to give a context about the type of venue that I was visiting.

There was a list of smoothies on a board and I asked the staff about a specific one. I also asked him if they sold any protein/energy balls. He replied by pointing his finger at a stand in the middle of the food hall.

Because I’m a very persistent type, I ignored his rude response and continued to ask him about the smoothie ingredients.

With each question, I felt a super unfriendly vibe and energy. Although he was smiling from behind his mask, his energy was in fact opposite to this. I know because I can read people’s energies.

After asking him a couple of questions and him answering in the same hostile manner, I decided to just order from another store at the same food hall.

What this encounter clearly shows is that this person was projecting their own negative mindset, bad vibes and resentment for something onto me.

As a certified NLP coach, I didn’t take it personally and I only had time to write the online review earlier today.

My feedback is actually going to be very helpful for the food outlet, because they will get to work on their customer experience.

When you understand that each person is simply projecting their own faulty belief system, thought patterns, limiting beliefs, negative life outlook and negative core programs onto you, you stop taking things personally.

And this is one of the NLP concepts that I can support you with in my one-on-one coaching.

Let me know what you think and if you have any questions about this concept.

My coaching sessions for July are now open. You can book or inquire by going to this site.

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