Perception is Projection and How it Can Make You Feel Confident

I was having a conversation with someone in the first few months of the pandemic season. I shared with her that this season is valuable for change. It gives me the opportunity to focus on many areas of my life.

She replied with: “Yeah I agree. You used to be very distracted before this.”

Now if I wasn’t an NLP-certified life coach who has been on a deep inner work journey, I would have been offended.

This is why the concept of perception is projection is so important.

Most of my friends and clients are empaths and highly sensitive people. They can easily get hurt by words people say to them. What they don’t understand is that others are simply projecting their own flawed opinions, programs and conditioning onto them.

What does Perception is Projection Mean?

Each person was raised with a set of values, lifestyles, opinions and world views. These are simply passed down from one generation to the other – unless someone chooses to do the inner work to release it.

In the story that I shared at the beginning of this post, that lady was simply projecting her own views of how a woman should behave or live onto me. Since she was raised in a conservative home environment where women were expected to stay at home most of the time, she saw me and my lifestyle as being distracted and ‘not right’.

Let’s take an example. If I speak to someone who comes from a completely open-minded background and who was raised to honor their true self and live freely, they would see the same lifestyle of mine as being too closed and guarded.

They might even suggest that I go out and network more often and could even see me as an introvert. They might something like: “Go out and live your life to the fullest!”

Do you get the point and the concept?

Whatever one person tells you about yourself is only their opinion and it has nothing to do with you. It’s how they perceive you based on their own family and societal conditioning. That’s all.

When you understand this concept, you stop taking things personally. You start to live life by your own terms, likes and dislikes. You feel confident all of the time.

How this Relates to Confidence

Why do some people get affected by other people’s opinion and others give it zero attention and energy?

It all goes back to self-worth and confidence. When you know your worth and value and love yourself enough, no one’s words can get to you or make you question yourself or your lifestyle.

This is why doing the inner work and spiritual growth is so important and is the foundation for everything in life.

If you feel like you are constantly being concerned with other people’s opinions and thoughts of you, then maybe it’s time to release those limiting beliefs and starting creating the life of your dreams.

Feel Confident All the Time

My one-on-one coaching re-launches this January and I’ll be happy to support you in releasing old patterns and creating the life that you’re worthy of.

Until then, feel free to share your thoughts on this topic. Do you feel like other people’s opinions of you matter?

Do you base your worth and identity on the words or opinions of those around you?

Let me know in the comments!

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Feel Confident: Perception is Projection

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