Why You Should Visit My Chi Journey, Bali Retreat

bali retreat

With every Bali retreat, I heal a little, I grow a little and I let go a lot more than anticipated when I first started my own personal healing path with the highly professional and amazing My Chi Journey.

My Most Recent Bali Retreat

My most recent Bali retreat was “My Chi Journey”. This was a magical wellness experience set in the lush Ubud rice fields. In this space, one can truly disconnect and focus on what matters the most: your own wellbeing and healing journey.
What I love about My Chi Journey is the diversity of the wellness experiences they offer. So far, I’ve attended four unique, powerful retreats with them. I always leave with a whole, new perspective on life and everything in it.
The theme for this particular Bali retreat was yoga. Despite not being a huge fan of the multi-pose-focused workout, I still had a great time connecting with everyone and evolving with each new day at the Bali retreat.

What to Expect

You will gain powerful insights into yourself and other aspects of life and our universe. During this experience, you’ll  connect with other like-minded individuals. Building new friendships is another big part of attending a well-organized and professional wellness retreat.
For example, on this recent Bali retreat, I managed to make new friendships that I could take back with me when I leave to Dubai as there were many ladies from the UAE.
A mystical town setting, a lovely group of like-minded soul-searchers and a distinct, focused and super organized wellness retreat can only make for a truly memorable experience that you can literally take back into your daily life when you get back to your home town.

My Experience at this Bali Retreat

Aside from making new, valuable friendships, each retreat will guide you on the right steps to take when you get back to your daily grind. You’ll integrate everything you’ve learnt easily into your life. All of this is done with you being the main person in charge. You – and only you – will be able to create a new balanced lifestyle and community.
The next MCJ retreat takes place next March in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It is all about getting back to the essence of things and living a more simple lifestyle. Check it out and RSVP here.
If you would like to experience a Bali wellness retreat in the midst of Ubud’s lush rice fields, then get in touch with My Chi Journey.
I honestly can’t tell you how light each retreat makes me feel and how I always get more value than what I invested. It’s something that you must experience first-hand. Thank me later 🙂

bali retreat

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