Bali Getaway: Life-changing Wellness Retreat with My Chi Journey (Part One)


Powerful Goddess energy at the Bali wellness retreat

As I was walking towards the print shop with my laptop in the neighborhood today, I passed by the people sitting outside the local restaurants having their lunch and I found myself thinking: “Crazy Blogger.”

The reason I thought that is simply because I perceived myself as a crazy blogger who spends days working from random cafes and I believed that this is what others who saw me passing by thought of me as well!

Why couldn’t I think of myself as a successful digital nomad and writer who has been working extremely hard on her blog and brand for the past four years and counting? and who has been doing everything independently and growing along the way? (this is what I told myself two seconds later as I became aware of my negative self-perception).

This is one thing that I loved working on changing in my recent Bali retreat with My Chi Journey. We all have our Limiting Beliefs which hold us down from developing into the persons we were meant to be. Despite being not true and purely a creation of our own minds, these beliefs can actually hold us down from achieving our goals, realizing our dreams and becoming better persons.


Limiting Beliefs can stand in the way of our success


With the stunning, lush rice fields of Ubud as our backdrop, our lovely hosts: Michael Dahdal from My Chi Journey, Nik Toth from The Lean Body Coach and Layla El Khadri took us on a spiritual journey which marks the beginning of a life-long wellness transformation.


We were all different people when we first arrived to the resort


We started each morning of our five-day retreat with an intense 30-minute HIIT session, followed by calming yoga and meditation, before having a healthy, nutritious breakfast made from the freshest locally-sourced ingredients.


Early morning yoga with a lush rice fields view is the best soul therapy


stillness of the mind and soul begins with outdoor yoga in a Bali wellness retreat


The morning exercises continue after breakfast before we take an afternoon break to have lunch and explore the cultural town. I’ll be writing a separate post about where to eat and drink in Ubud. There’s actually a lot to see and do in the city and around it that we all agreed that another trip is essential.

Our evenings were full of all kinds of exciting activities and healing workshops. We danced spontaneously to release our fears and leave our comfort zones, screamed our deepest angers and frustrations out into the nearby expansive Ubud rice fields, released our most painful and saddest emotions with soothing tears, offered support for one another and essentially let go of so much that has been holding us back all these years.


Healing workshops, dance ceremonies and supportive souls were highlights of our Bali wellness retreat


Letting go of everything that no longer serves me helped me look more radiant as the days unfolded


Limiting belief? I can’t actually think of one! we all felt more present and confident with each passing day


Good vibes, happy souls and a magical Balinese energy


Despite our diverse backgrounds and nationalities, we all shared so much in common in our stories and life situations


Peaceful, content and in tune with our femininity


To say that this was a magical experience is an under-statement. It was a lot more than that. The Bali retreat opened up so many blocks in my life, helped me evolve spiritually and most importantly brought me back to my essence and my real self.

Of course, this is only the beginning of my journey. I’m now trying to continue what I started in Ubud by living a healthier lifestyle, thinking more positively, engaging with like-minded individuals, building meaningful connections and focusing on my healing journey by taking baby steps each day.

I’ll leave you with a picture from the traditional Balinese dance ceremony where we celebrated our Goddess nature and the end of the retreat. More memories and pictures from the magical retreat will be shared in the next post.

Saudi Diva signing off XXX


A memorable evening at a traditional Balinese ceremony at our Bali retreat

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