Love Yourself this Valentine’s Day 2024, and Share the Love with Others!

Last Wellness Wednesday Blog Post

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The latest Wellness Wednesday blog post talks about how nourishing and respecting your body is directly connected to self-worth and self-love. You can read it here.

For this Valentine’s Day, I bought myself a beautiful bouquet before the Chinese New Year sometime last week. You can check it out on my Twitter X page. Make sure to follow me while you’re there.

As I said, Twitter X is the only social media platform I’m active on with daily updates and stories.

Self-love Comes First

What was fascinating about my Bali move was how the theme of flowers was so strong in the entire six months!

You can read the latest story from my Bali Move series here.

The song ‘Flowers’ by Miley Cyrus consistently played everywhere I went! It was as if that song was the soundtrack to my six-month Bali journey.

Whether I was going for a beach walk, having a meal at a cafe, inside a shop or getting a treatment done at a salon, the song was always in the background. It was a reminder to focus on how you feel about yourself.

Once you’ve mastered loving and respecting yourself, you will feel ready to attract a partner that respects and cherishes you similarly. It truly all starts with you.

Your self-love and self-worth must reach a solid place before you start dating or consider being in a relationship.

Of course, I share all of this from my personal experience. My ebook shares all sorts of effective and practical self-care tips. Sign up for the blog to know when it’s out.

Give the Love that you Seek in a Partner.

I remember hearing this advice so many times in the past. I would think how it’s so easy to say but not easy for a survivor of emotional abuse to follow.

For someone who grew up in a toxic home where love was non-existent, asking me to feel it, let alone give it, is impossible.

I’m so grateful that I invested a lot of time, energy and money into healing and activating the feelings of love and affection.

So I won’t ask you to give love. Instead, I’ll ask you to set a clear intention to heal from whatever blocks to love you built over the years.

Once you set a clear intention to heal, you will be shown how to return to your soul’s essence of love.

It’s a rewarding journey that takes a lot of persistence and patience, but it’s totally worth it.

So, if giving love to others or feeling loved sounds very foreign and unrealistic, start by doing the healing work to remove your blocks to love.

Today, I’m loving myself by nourishing my body with healthy food, changing the water for my beautiful bouquet and prioritizing my mental health and wellbeing.

What about you? What does self-love mean to you, and how do you show love to yourself while single?



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