Dancing in Dubai: Fun at the United Dance Marathon

dubai dance marathonThese days, I’ve started a gratitude journal. This simple daily ritual has enhanced my life and connection with others. Since I’ve started writing in my gratitude journal three days ago, I have devoted a special page. It’s for being thankful for the ability and fun of dancing in Dubai and sharing that wonderful life with other like-minded souls.

The past weekend saw the first United Dance Marathon event in Dubai. Dancing in Dubai was nothing less than magical. From 9:00 am until around sunset, a group of positive, dance-loving and outgoing individuals came together to learn different dance styles and new dance moves.
I was there with my “Zumba with Monica” friends as we danced our way through the energetic and fun day. The vibes were super positive. Everyone was having a great time practicing moves at one of the diverse dance classes, or simply doing their own thing being free and happy.
The dance instructors were also very professional from different backgrounds. My favorite classes were the Afrobeat one, the hip-hop session, the belly dancing and of course Zumba with Monica – our queen 🙂
I also truly enjoyed the Latin ballroom dancing class. I was impressed at how fast I learned the choreography and was able to follow through almost all of the steps!
The event introduce us to the best dance classes and instructors in town. It also re-ignited our passion for dance. It reminded us that there are so many exciting things in life to be discovered and celebrated. Dance being one of them. I can’t wait to start my salsa, belly dancing and Afrobeat classes next week. I’ll then eventually adding hip-hop, reggaeton and Afrofitness.
In addition to learning new dance styles and improving my skills, I’m really looking forward to engaging with the different dance groups. It’s great to build new friendships with like-minded individuals who share my love for freedom and the dance life!
Thank you Ric Banks and The Elite Group for a well-organized and super fun event!

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