Why Be So Tough on Yourself? Give yourself Some Grace!

This morning, I went for a walk in the busy side of the Marina and I picked up so many entities and energy. I shared about this on my Twitter and Facebook page – you can follow me there for daily inspiration and updates.

I wrote a recent blog post about my weight loss journey and how I gained eight kilos since I last checked my weight!

Today, I want to talk about giving yourself grace and listening to your body at all times.

Why Are You So Tough on Yourself?

If you were constantly judged as a child, then you will continue this pattern with yourself and with others.

If you weren’t treated in a gentle way and shown unconditional love, then you will be harsh on yourself as an adult.

And I used to be like that for the longest time. As a survivor of emotional abuse, I notice when I’m being tough with myself.

Until today, I write to-do-lists for myself and I make myself do them. I learned that it’s OK and even important to listen to how you feel at all times.

It’s not weakness to listen to your body and to be gentle with yourself. It’s actually a form of strength and power.

Because when you listen to your body and live from that place of knowing, you become empowered and strong.

As I heal and evolve, I find that I treat myself with more respect, love and gentleness.

What are some Examples when it comes to Weight Loss

Although I’m on a low-calorie meal plan – which I get delivered to me five days a week, I cook whatever I want on weekends.

That way, I don’t restrict myself and torture my body. Instead, the balance will help me loose weight in a gradual and healthy way.

I don’t control my portions at all on weekends. I just cook and eat whatever I feel like having.

I also practice intermittent fasting on Fridays and Saturdays. This simply means that I have a late lunch and I skip dinner.

So I fast for around 16 hours if I can.

Another thing that I do is that I listen to my body when it comes to working out.

I haven’t done a dance cardio session in ages. Because that type of workout really drains me. I can only do a high-intensity workout when I’m feeling 100% – and that’s so rare these days!

I also follow the moon cycles. Right now, although the full moon energy is over, there’s a solar eclipse until the 4th of December.

You could also be trying to loose weight in a masculine way. And this means being very strict with yourself and focused on the goal of loosing weight.

Instead of restricting yourself, practice intuitive eating. Eat clean and be mindful of your portions. It takes practice and it’s doable.

Are you being tough on yourself when it comes to loosing the extra weight? Or do you set reasonable goals for yourself and are gentle and loving? Let me know in the comments!


Tough on Yourself?

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