Top Signs When you’re Close to Manifesting your Desire

Hope you had a good Valentine’s Day – whether you are coupled or single.

I spent mine doing what I love – working on my business and treating myself to sea salt and chilli vegan chocolate.

I still want to order a peach roses bouquet as most local flower shops are busy these days.

So I already did my research and decided on a place where I’m going to order a nice bouquet for myself. So excited!

Signs that you’re Close to Manifesting your Desire

I thought of sharing with you another powerful sign that shows up when you’re close to manifesting your dream life or partner.

When you’re in this phase of the manifestation process, you feel so confident and this speeds up the process and lines you up even faster.

I recently wrote a blog post about another one of the top signs of getting close to manifesting. You can read it here.

The other important sign that you should know about is seeing your desire mirrored back to you.

Let’s say that you’re manifesting a man from a specific nationality. You want to be crystal clear when manifesting with the law of attraction. What you will notice as you get close to manifesting your desire is that men from that nationality will start showing up for you everywhere.

Whether online or offline, these random men from that nationality are basically reminders that your man is on his way to you.

Not only will they show up for you online, but they will also send you direct messages!

This is such an exciting part of the law of attraction process. Because when you’re at this stage, you become unstoppable and you can lean more into trust and surrender.

My Law Of Attraction Experience

I’ve been experiencing this LOA sign for the past six months or so. I’ve gotten so used to it that it no longer surprises me!

Other signs that you’re close to manifesting your desire also include powerful messages about the personality.

So because I’m a foodie and I’m into vintage stuff and these are traits on my soulmate wish list, I keep seeing food catering trucks and vintage cars everywhere I go!

I would love to support you in getting to the next level if manifesting. I can help with co-creating your dream life or partner.

My one-on-one coaching for the month of March is now open for signing up. Connect with me here if you feel called to work with a coach.



Manifesting your desire

Manifesting Your Desire: Law of attraction Signs

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