LOA Success: The Top Sign You’re Close to Manifesting your Desire

I wrote a blog post about the top five signs that you’re close to manifesting your soulmate.

And since these days, I’m experiencing back-to-back signs and so I thought of writing another post about one specific category.

People and Elements from the Past start to Show up

In the past six months, I’ve experienced people from the past showing up in my dreams, online and in real life.

I honestly don’t know where to start because this sign is so strong and powerful in my daily life!

Like this morning, I went to a nearby neighborhood to get coffee and I saw someone who I think used to work at an ad agency where I interned back in 2012 and 2013.

It felt so surreal! like this man came out of the past and was just walking by as a confirmation from the Universe that my soulmate is on his way to me!

I also had work colleagues from my days at Saudi Aramco connect with me online.

Whenever I check my LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, someone from my past shows up!

You might be thinking that it’s normal. But these people were not showing up online and they are even engaging with my posts!

This is actually one of the signs that I’m getting close to manifesting my dream partner.

I’ve been having vivid dreams throughout this pandemic. And in some of these dreams, I see people from my past too!

It’s like everywhere I look, someone or something from my past shows up in a very powerful way!

Examples of Elements from the Past

Because I was raised and lived in Saudi Arabia until I was 29, these are the kinds of things that keep showing up:

  • People praying in public places, the call to prayer, the Quran playing.
  • Roller skates, retro brands like Pepsi, snacks from my childhood.
  • Songs from my teenage years.
  • Mickey Mouse and other characters or logos.
  • People from Saudi or the mention of my country in emails, social media posts and articles.
  • People from past internships or jobs.
  • Zumba and any symbol of it, since I used to be a hardcore Zumba fan.
  • Foods and dishes from my past – showing up online or in real life!
  • People who I met on trips in the past couple of years contacting me and sending me messages.

The list goes on and I can tell you that when you’re at this stage of the manifesting process, your confidence grows and that’s what brings your desire to you even faster.

LOA Success

Many people have doubts about the law of attraction and manifestation. What’s interesting is that as long as you don’t believe that you can manifest your desire or that you’re worthy of it, you can’t create it into your reality.

That’s why it’s so important to believe in the process and to take inspired action. Once you start noticing the signs and messages from the Universe, you gain more confidence and this is what gets you closer to manifesting the big thing!

I’ll write another post with other manifestation signs. For now, feel free to ask any questions that you might have about this exciting manifestation stage!


LOA success

LOA success: The law of attraction is so powerful

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