Thursday Thoughts: It’s Never Too Late to Find your True Self!

Last Thursday’s blog post was about healing the relationship with the divine masculine. You can read it here.

This morning, I decided to shake up my routine by going for a walk at the beach. I’ll share about what evidence I manifested about my dream life in Monday’s post. But basically, I did something entirely different and I saw clues that my person is on his way.

Find your True Self

What I discovered lately is that I’m always attracted to beachside countries and towns. Wherever I travel, I go somewhere by the beach and I take long walks there.

In Dubai, although we have beaches, I rarely visit them. It’s because the nature of the city makes me focus on being productive and not relaxing much.

Because the friendly Barista who used to make my coffee at a specific coffee shop resigned, I didn’t like going to that cafe. It also was located inside a small mall, right outside a supermarket.

So I decided to go for a walk near the beach and then have coffee at a cozy and small cafe close to the beach. What’s interesting is that I’ve been to that coffee shop before without walking at the beach.

After a lovely thirty-minute walk, I went to the cafe for an iced espresso tonic and an iced hibiscus tea.

Finding out your coffee choice is another way of knowing yourself. It’s all about the simple things really – your likes and dislikes.

Do you like the busy city life, the countryside or living by the beach?

Do you enjoy walking at the beach, near the lake or in the park?

It’s Never Too Late to Find the Real You

I share this story from today after living in the same city since April, 2010!

This shows you that I wasn’t aligned with my authentic self all these years. I used to even visit the nearest mall to get groceries and other things – because that was shaped by my family conditioning and lifestyle.

These days, I only visit the mall when my dad is in town (because he likes to stay in his comfort zone) or when I need to shop for something specific – usually before a trip!

Although I used to love going for long walks since I moved to Dubai in 2010, I didn’t really invest in going for daily morning walks like I do these days.

I just started this daily routine of going for a walk somewhere new each day. And the beach walk will be once a week only.

The reason that I wasn’t going to the beach where I went this morning is simply because it’s not near the place where I like to get my groceries.

Because my family conditioning is all about being practical and productive, I would go to the nearest spot to the store.

But today, I simply went for a walk at the beach, then coffee somewhere nearby and then I took a cab to the supermarket.

I encourage you to do what feels right to you and not follow the habits and lifestyle that were passed down to you by your parents or caregivers.

Do you have a weekly or daily routine that makes you feel aligned and happy? Let me know in the comments!


It’s never too late to find your true self


Beauty is within you


It’s never too late to find your true self

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