Thursday Thoughts: Feeling Discombobulated – How about You?

Today feels very strange. Or rather I feel confused and discombobulated.

I went for my weekly Thursday coffee and grocery store errand. During this time, I saw contradictory evidence. I saw signs that my manifestation is on its way.

But there’s something in the cosmos – not sure what it is.

Maybe I picked up some foreign entities while I was out. I really have no idea why I feel this way.

It feels like an avalanche of confusion and disorientation has swamped me.

Do you feel weird or confused? How about down or sad? Do you feel emotional for no reason? How do you feel?

Feeling Discombobulated? Pandemic Lessons

I’ve written a couple of blog posts about the pandemic lessons that I learned and how I feel about this ‘new normal’ lifestyle.

And I’m sure that this is another one of these powerful lessons. It’s all about being comfortable with feeling uncomfortable.

Being OK with uncertainty and not knowing what will happen next.

Although I have travel plans for next year and possibly a long-term stay in Bali next winter, everything is uncertain.

I think this is what I can share today: Try to be OK with not knowing and not being in control of your life or emotions.

Because I like to be in control of my life, this uncertainty feels new and strange to me. But that’s where growth happens.

So embrace not knowing what will happen next and feeling confused and disoriented.

Let me know how you’re feeling these days and what are you struggling with the most?

Are you feeling confused? down? sad? lonely? frustrated? afraid? fed up of this pandemic life? How do you really feel?

All emotions are healthy and valid. So feel free to share exactly how you’re feeling these days.

These days, I think to myself: “When is this pandemic going to end?!” whenever I reach out for the masks box.

Manifesting Love

Apart from all the confusion and puzzled emotions, I’m excited to start writing an e-book on manifesting love.

The e-book will be available on my websites and I’m working with a book coach to bring a powerful product to all of you!

A psychic once told me that this book will make overnight success and I’m so excited to help all the single women – who don’t feel good enough – manifest love by finding their true self and using LOA.

Feel free to sign up for updates here and get a Free Manifestation Guide with a step-by-step process.

Stay tuned for new content next week and an exciting announcement at the end of the week!

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Feeling Discombobulated

Ghar Lapsi – Malta

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