3 Reasons Your Manifestation Journey Is Taking Time

There’s an intense energy of clearing the old and purging. I thought this energy would end with Mercury Retrograde, but the post-shadow phase of Mercury Retrograde ended, and I’m still getting vivid dreams about people from the past.

It feels like some clearing and purging is going on, and an old karmic cycle is ending.

Have you experienced anything strange lately? Have you had dreams of people from the past? Do you feel a strong shift in energy?

Today’s post is about why your manifestation journey might take time and feel delayed.

Negative Limiting Beliefs

Negative limiting beliefs from family and societal conditioning can affect you in many ways. They can happen throughout your day, in your self-talk, and, most importantly, when you visualize! I wrote about this topic earlier. When you were raised with negative, self-defeating beliefs, these can show up when you visualize your dream life, which blocks your future life from manifesting.

Empathic Challenges

Being an empath and picking up negative outside energy when you’re out and about. I struggle with this whenever I leave my apartment. Especially since I live in a big, fast-paced city where many people experience high-stress levels and other negative emotions. Last week, I went to a big mall to get a few things. While I was speaking to a sales guy who I asked to check an item for me, he asked if I was OK. He said that my breathing sounded irregular or something. That’s mainly because, as an empath, I tend to pick up the energy of the people in the surroundings. Of course, being in a massive mall with people who might be going through all sorts of things means that I can pick up a considerable amount of negative outside energy and foreign entities.

Maintaining a Strong State

Being triggered when encountering people who are projecting their own insecurities and negative mindset. This is another thing that happens to me when I go outside. I could go to the local coffee shop and order a coffee with the Barista. But even in this mini encounter, the Barista might be experiencing negative emotions and then projecting them onto others. I recently had to ask a Barista to focus while speaking to me because he looked away and seemed highly distracted. Of course, his behaviour was very rude and disrespectful, and even though I spoke out and set boundaries, the incident triggered me and led me to a low vibration. I’m still working on not paying attention to these incidents to maintain my high vibration and grounded energy. But so far, this has been challenging for me.

Your Manifestation Journey

Which of the top three reasons do you feel impacts you the most? And can you think of other reasons your manifestation takes longer than it should to express itself in your reality?

Let me know, and also share how you’re feeling these days. I’m curious to see if you also feel the major energy shift like I am.



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