What are you Releasing this Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury Retrograde and Scarcity Mindset

How are you feeling with this Mercury Retrograde? Are you experiencing strange and crazy incidents?

Since the eclipse started, I’ve been having vivid dreams of people from the past, and it’s still going on.

Today, something happened that inspired this post. And I’m so sad that it did. Especially after years of healing and inner work.

I went to the store to get groceries, and I chose to get some cooked vegetable fried rice from the deli counter.

There was a guy ahead of me who got fried rice in addition to other ready-made meals.

When it was my turn, I noticed that the rice amount was about to need topping up. But because I had once been asked to wait for a new batch of cooked rice to be ready, I chose to just get myself a portion now.

After walking around the store for a while to get other items on my list, I passed by the deli in front of the self-checkout machine, and I noticed something major.

The vegetable fried rice I took from was now replenished with a fresh, tasty-looking batch in a huge heap! LOL

Of course, I didn’t want to return the rice that I had already taken because that would have been extreme.

But this incident highlighted a scarcity mindset I took over from my parents (specifically my dad).

Being a real foodie, this story makes me so sad. I missed out on freshly cooked vegetable fried rice because of my scarcity mindset and fear of the rice running out!

I know that I can’t control the timing when the store staff prepares a fresh batch of rice. But I can control my choice to either wait for the fresh batch or make my own ‘ready in two minutes’ rice at home.

Why not Everyone has These Experiences

Another reason I feel sad (apart from the rice story) is that even after years of spiritual growth work, something new always shows up, and I need to change. The scarcity mindset is only one example of other patterns and personality traits needing change or release.

I feel like this healing journey is endless, and this makes me truly sad.

I also know that not everyone has these types of experiences. This is mainly because not everyone has to clear generations of toxic ancestral cycles and patterns. It’s only the ones who are chosen to do this work and who dedicate their lives to healing and growing.

You might think that it’s just a portion of fried rice. But it’s so much bigger than that.

It’s the scarcity mindset that needs to be released and cleared.

What have you experienced so far in this Mercury Retrograde?

And what are you releasing? What do you feel no longer serves you? Maybe a relationship, a connection, or a toxic friendship?

I’m sad, and I’m off to make lunch and eat it with the stale rice.



mercury retrograde
Mercury Retrograde

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