The Slow Hotel Review: A Luxury Stay in Canggu, Bali

the slow hotel

I can’t believe my last Travel Tuesday post was about Ubud’s street market! It seems ages since my recent Ubud My Chi Journey wellness retreat. Since then, I spent two lovely weeks in Canggu – my favourite area of Bali. I’m currently enjoying my last week on the island and dreading going back to the desert!

The Slow Hotel in Bali

Despite all of these mixed emotions, I’m happy to announce I found an exceptional luxury boutique hotel. It’s in my favorite Bali area. I’ll definitely stay there on my next trip to hip and laid-back Canggu. Let me introduce you to The Slow Hotel.
This über cool, modern and minimalist-inspired luxury boutique hotel strongly matches my character.  It emits cool, chilled, relaxed vibes, is very trendy and modern and most importantly, everyone who works there is super friendly and positive.

The Slow Hotel Features

There are three main features that make me want to stay here again: The live music concept in all areas and rooms of the space, the open and warm approach of the staff and its ideal location, within a few blocks from Batu Bolong Beach.
I’m someone who has music as a background to my entire life and day. So, having the option of an LA-based Internet radio station playing all day and night in the room scores high in my books. Music has always been like therapy to me.
The original art and photography you can find all over the property is the owner’s private collection. It is now being changed every three months to showcase other artists’ work in an exhibition and cool events.
The Slow Hotel’s in-house restaurant serves a great selection of International dishes and tasty appetizers. But if you’re looking for variety, all you have to do is walk down the main road, Batu Bolong. You can dine at one of the town’s healthy, organic and vegan Cafes. Being a real foodie, I had to do both!

Stunning Sunsets

Another highlight of my stay at this homely and welcoming space was watching stunning sunsets from the hotel’s recently opened rooftop. I will be sharing pictures from The Slow Hotel’s Rooftop on my Instagram page soon. All I can say is that it is truly impressive.
I don’t think that my words do this luxury boutique hotel justice, It’s the kind of place that you need to actually visit and experience the service in order to understand how great staying there is.
In fact, I loved my stay at The Slow Hotel so much that when the time came for me to check out, I felt I didn’t want to leave. Staying here feels like home and I can’t wait for my next experience to take things slow and unwind at this cool and modern hotel.

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