The Power of Now: Manifesting by Letting Go of the Past!

Last week’s Manifestation Monday blog post was about effortless manifesting – you can read it here.

I’m feeling so grateful and blessed that the Mercury Retrograde phase ended. It was a wild one and I’m sure you felt it too.

There was a lot of clearing and shedding of old energy and it was very brutal at times. Especially towards the last few days.

I hope you’re feeling better now and that you’re having a great start to your week. How was your weekend?

I personally had an amazing weekend full of fun activities that match my true self.

I realized that when I’m out and about enjoying my life to the fullest, I feel fulfilled and happy. This is a powerful way to tune into the state of having your dream life and person. Feeling like it’s done.

So if you want to get into the state of the wish fulfilled, all you have to do is start having experiences that your future self would have. This depends on your dream life vision. The main thing is to feel like you already have your dream life and relationship.

Removing the feeling of separation is key.

I think that this is my favorite way to feel like my dream life and person are already here. That there’s nothing left to do.

Another important tip for manifesting is to avoid thinking about the past or previous relationships.

The past can be a toxic childhood for some people and it can also be a series of toxic or failed romantic relationships.

Whatever that past looks like for you, I encourage you to heal it and then move on. Because manifesting your dream life and person can be very challenging if you keep identifying with your past and old self.

My past is more about a toxic home environment. As such, I couldn’t let go of thinking about it until after processing the deep healing work.

I remember trying to manifest my dream person while I was still healing from my childhood wounds and other old patterns.

What this does is attract more toxic and negative experiences. It just doesn’t work.

Although integrating the energy healing work that I did took around three years, this phase was an essential part of my manifestation journey.

I used to feel so frustrated when I attracted disrespectful or toxic men after doing the energy healing work around these issues.

I now realize that I had to first integrate and process the deep healing work that I had done. Because manifesting while still processing the past will only create more of that energy.

Now that I’ve completed the integration, processing, and forgiveness, I actively create space for my dream life and person to materialize.

All I have to do is live in the end (as if I have it) and feel the fulfillment, closure and relief that comes with having the wish.

If you feel like you’re constantly thinking about the past (whether it’s past relationships or a toxic childhood), then it might be time for some deep inner work and healing.

Don’t rush into manifesting your dream life while you’re still healing from the past. This will only create more of the old energy.

Leaving you with a picture of a live music night that I hosted at a cool, new speakeasy bar.

This is how I tune into the feeling of my wish fulfilled and trust me, it works!




power of now

Power of now: Your future self

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