Effortless Manifesting: Unlock the Secret to Achieving Your Desires

Sometime last summer, after returning from my second Italy trip, I saw a T-shirt that said: “Not everything requires effort.

A woman at a cafe was wearing it, and I had a strong feeling that it was a message from the Universe.

Effortless Manifesting

As someone who grew up with adversity and emotional/verbal abuse, I learned from a young age to put effort into everything I do. It’s a trauma response, I guess. That is in addition to overthinking, worrying and many other negative patterns.

So how does this relate to manifesting a relationship? If you’ve done all the healing and inner work to get to an emotionally healthy and good place, it’s time to truly surrender and trust the process.

‘Not everything requires effort’ is precisely what I needed to hear; that message only resonated with me now!

I had to do a lot of healing and inner work to get to this place of feeling like I could let go of trying to manifest and just live my best life.

Did Your Caregivers condition you?

If your family and caregivers have conditioned you to work hard for everything and that life is tough, then you must apply the same strategy to manifest love.

At least I know that I was doing that for the longest time. Because I believed that everything in life requires effort, I was applying this to manifesting love too!

Through years of personal growth, I have done extensive inner work and healing. As a result, my self-worth and confidence have reached new heights, and I have become proficient in setting and maintaining strong boundaries.

What’s left for me to do is to surrender and to do nothing, really!

Moving to Bali

I’m now practicing living my best life and not trying to manifest my person. I feel like once I move to Bali, it will be even easier for me to live in that place. Because Bali is my favorite place on earth, I feel so happy and fulfilled there.

Anyway, I’ll keep this story short because we’re still in the Full Moon energy, and things have been crazy lately.

We’re also experiencing a Mercury Retrograde until the 14th of May. So many transformations and shifts with this powerful season.

If you’re manifesting your person and have done all the healing and inner work you need, it’s time to live your best life and stop searching or looking.

I am leaving you with some pictures from my perfect Sunday morning – breakfast and coffee at my favorite Dubai breakfast spot.

Until Wednesday, take care and take things easy.




Effortless Manifesting

Effortless Manifesting


Manifesting with minimal effort


Effortless Manifesting

Effortless Manifesting

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